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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Cat Holiday Over Again

Well, another year, another Cat Holiday over and done with. And another year that I couldn't locate all the decorations. Found two strings of garland, and one string of lights. Of course, there are all the cat decor items that stay up/out year 'round, that I could just move into the porch... :)

Weren't many kids this year - we usually average 150. Don't think we made it much above 50. Probably the snow and extra cold weather. That, or there aren't a lot of kids in the neighbourhood right now.... they do run in cycles - young families, then they grow up, then they move on finally, and new families move in - a cycle of kids, no kids, tiny kids, big kids....

Lots of witch costumes. I'd heard stuff about the "top XX costumes" this year, and expected to see pirates. Didn't see any. One Zorro, but no pirates. Of course, if a certain pirate ever showed up at my door, he wouldn't be turned away.....

About half way through, DH sent Ashleigh into the porch with me. Now, Mica likes to get outside any chance she has - and being such a nice black cat, this can pose problems during those middle of the night dog puddle trips.... Which is also why our cats wear collars, too.... Anyway, Ash doesn't try to escape so much. She will go to the open door, and look out, but doesn't seem interested in leaving. So - it wasn't too bad having her for company. Anyway, I got tons of compliments on my "pumpkat" (or is it a "Cat-O-Lantern?) and even more when Ash was sitting in the window, or peeking her head around the corner for an ear scritch. One youngster commented - You're a WITCH!!! I replied, Yes, I Am. Then he said, "And lookie there, you have the right cat for it, too!" (I wear a witch hat, and usually try to dress up a bit more the part while shelling out - but I have yet to find a decent cauldron, and I don't have a cape and have "retired" the long black coat I used to wear, and somehow I forgot to take my broom into the porch with me last night :( But - I still like to try!)

So.... That was my Hallowe'en.

Knitting: I took some pictures of the start of the sock I'm doing in the Six Sox Knitalong group. (got a button on the side over there if you want more info -----> ) Now, the problem - I had missed a stitch, so I had to frog whatever I'd gotten done. But I was smart. I took a picture before frogging. :)

So, this is what happens when *I* knit a sock or mitten (remember the paw print mitt? I didn't take a pic of the inside) and have to do stranded colours. See, I don't have a problem with floats across the back side or inside or wrong side whateveryouwanttocallit side that are up to four stitches long (three is my usual top, but four if needed). However, I can't help but think that in a mitten or sock, there are too many risks - fingers, toes, fingernails, toenails, rings, coins (c'mon, don't you remember putting loose change inside your mitten?) etc. - of things to snag. So, I wrapped the yarn every stitch. Yes, this meant taking the time to untwist the balls of yarn, but it really doesn't take long, and besides, working in the round you gotta stop to untwist the yarn anyway.

I also did these using magic loop, and when I started the reknit, I reversed the colours. I haven't gotten far enough to warrent a picture yet, but hopefully, I will soon.

Priority now is a crocheted afghan that must be done by Dec. 1. Next - get some of these socks finished to free up needles instead of buying more!!!! And third - take a bunch of progress pictures of my current active WIP's. :)

Well, it took me the better part of the morning.... Blogger kept timing out, or opting out, or something, while I was trying to load the pictures. Error messages about site not being found....

But, I did it :)

Now, remember - these socks in the pictures above no longer exist. I've reversed the colours, even - so, the background is the green variegated, and the little design features are in brown now.


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