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Saturday, November 11, 2006

AWIP report

Ok, took some pictures this morning.... Oh, I know what today is, and my feelings about it haven't changed since last year, so check the archives if you wish.

Ok, so this week, I had a couple evenings where I didn't get as much done as I wanted to, because of having to attend a potluck dinner (not that it was much of a hardship - I *love* food :D) and I was more tired than normal this week, too.... Not to mention, the girls. For example, last night, I was putting in a double session on the afghan. I was almost finished my "goal" for the session, when Mica decided to curl up on my lap/arm. Ok, so sweet, purring..... can't put away the blanket and yarn without disrupting her to the point of her using her claws for balance and possible ruining the blanket, so..... pet her, of course. Then, Ashleigh showed up - stepped right on top of Mica, who didn't bat an eye - opened it, but didn't bat it. Finally, after washing Mica's head and ears for a while, as well as one of my hands, Ashleigh went to sleep. Now, have any of you gone to Well, if not, you should. Cute site. So, there I am, burried under blanket, cat, and cat, when what should happen? Yeah, of course I was dying to go to the bathroom - that goes without saying. BUT - the dogs had been outside, and wanted in. Thankfully, DH went to let them in. So what is the first thing that Bear does? Comes over to me, grabs a toy on the way, plants the toy on the chair and his head on Ashleigh. So, I had a dog on my cat on my cat on my lap. Oh, and I had been sitting with my leg under me, too..... Didn't get a chance to get DH to snap a picture though :( But by that time, I was laughing hard enough that I got a look from Mica, who pulled herself out from underneath the pile and stalked off. Which shuffled the rest enough that they left, too. I got to go to the bathroom in time, and then finished off my Pretty Petals Socks. :) I worked on the basket weave socks too, last night. But, earlier in the week, I worked on the Iris Garden socks, too. So, now that I've crossed off one more project, I can devote some decent sessions to the Nature socks again.

Pictures now....

So, there's the afghan, and the finished socks. I probably won't wear the socks today, but will tomorrow. Just because I'll be seeing my sister tomorrow, so then she can see the sockies :) Today I'll wear some red socks. Red is, after all, the colour of poppies....

So, on the Iris Garden sock - I've gotten the whole toe done, with the right number of stitches, and am on the foot part now. I am still twisting the yarns together pretty much each stitch, so I don't have long floats. Someone on the six sox list wondered if they would be stretchy enough that way to wear.... so.....

If the toe fits.........


  • At 1:30 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I love your Pretty Petals socks. The colors are beautiful too. That afghan is coming along quite nicely too. Congratulations.

    Have a great day :)

  • At 3:19 p.m., Blogger lheiserman said…

    Your socks and knitting are pretty, pretty, pretty.


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