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Friday, November 24, 2006

Sharing pictures....

Wuhoo.... I can see the end of this afghan!!! I've finished the graph part, have 27 rows of background to do, then I see that it is working up large enough as is, so I can do a simple round of sc for the border, then I plan to do one round of the light blue in dc, then one round of sc, and finish with a round of reverse sc. Then I've got to work in the ends, of course....

So, I celebrated by knitting a few rounds (well, 15, actually, lol) on the basket weave socks. This means that I am now ready to do the heel. Much as I hate picking up stitches, I'm not going to short row these heels. I'll do the flap etc. heel on them.
The other day, I did some rounds on the Best Friend socks.

And, while at the laundramat, I worked on the Nature Socks. I had to take a couple pictures, 'cause they don't show up very good. Not sure if it is the lighting, or the colour.... Anyway, I think it is interesting how the white came up as a definite "striping" feature in the leg, but is more intermittent in the foot.... :)

And, I figured, since I had the camera out this morning, that I should try taking some more pictures - looked around, and saw an afghan that I crocheted years ago, but just never took a picture of before. So, I laid it out on the kitchen floor (more space, better lighting) and of course.....

Now, I also took a close up picture of the afghan, so that the stitches are easier to see. I got the pattern from a free website, but it has been many years - it was from one of the crochet magazine websites, and was a child's afghan (don't recall if it was Crochet World, or Crochet Fantasy, or who it was - it *was* a number of years ago) but I just made it larger, and added a border top and bottom, and made it a lapghan for me.

So, that's my share for this morning. Oh, right after I finished taking pictures, and tried to put the afghan away - the girls decided that I'd put it there for them to use as a wrestling mat.

Silly kitties.....

I'm hoping, sometime today, or maybe not till next week, though I'd rather do it today, to get some more pictures off my computer and into my photo album over at my yahoo album page - link on the right. I'm also hoping to clean up the stuff over there on the right - rearrange some stuff, add some links, add some group buttons.... But, I have company coming this morning for coffee, and need to get the kitchen tidied up before my friend gets here!!! So, I'm going to be busy-busy-busy for the next hour :) Maybe after she's gone, I can come back and do the virtual "housekeeping", since I'll have done the real "housekeeping"!!


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