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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

IT IS DONE!!!! And, I did it

So. Last night, I finished the afghan. I only took the one picture (I might try another at the laundramat, under their lights, maybe....) but trust me, it *is* reversible. I do all the colour changes as I crochet, then work in the tails.... scroll down, and you can see those tails in the progress pictures. This makes the afghan completely reversible, so that the same picture shows on both sides. Yes, there still is a right side and a wrong side - it has to do with the placement of the screwdrivers in the tool belt.... Anyway, I like making this kind of afghan, rather than trying to just cross stitch a picture on to a single crochet base. Or cross stitch onto a tunisian crochet base. Not that I don't know how, or that I don't enjoy cross stitch. I do. Just not when I can crochet this way instead. :)

(Yes, I edited the visible clutter out of the back ground!)

So, what did I do again? Well, after I finished the afghan, I didn't really feel much like knitting on any of the ongoing socks that I had handy. Not in the mood for complex like the Iris Garden, knew I'd be at the laundramat today, so I didn't want to go too far on the "easy knit" sections of the basket weave or the nature sock (well, ok, so the basket weave I was turning a heel, which I did do last night. Now I'm up to gusset pick up - YUCK. But something I can do at the LM.) So, I was looking at the pile....(the part I edited out of the picture - I have a coffee table beside my chair, and all my tools are in baskets and plastic pencil boxes etc. piled on the table, and there are some projects and yarn and thread in bags....) and I decided that I would make a Christmas tree skirt. Now, this is a project that I've wanted to do for years. Way back, some years ago, I saw some yarn in the Walmart. It was a seasonal yarn, one that they only trot out in late November through December, and put on clearance in January.... It was various Christmassy colours with silver metallic threads plied in. You know the kind - red, green, white - some of the metallic parts were gold... Well, they had this gorgeous deep blue with silver thread - MY CHRISTMAS COLOUR SCHEME!!!! But, I didn't have the budget the day I saw it, so I figured I'd go back and get it later.... Well, it was sold out within a week. Every year since, I've been watching for it to come back.

So, this year, I saw some budget yarn (will post pictures later, it isn't a name brand) on display again - another of those seasonal things they come out with - and they had a gorgeous deep blue with "lurex" glittery blue plied with it - OK, fine, so it isn't silver, but it glitters!!!! Oh, and it is a sport weight yarn.... So, anyway, I bought three balls.

Last night, I looked at one ball, and I grabbed a hook, and I started crocheting, and scribbling notes. Yes, folks - I'm designing a tree skirt. I'm not going to promise in anyway to get the pattern written out in a way that can be shared before Christmas '06, but for sure it will be there for '07. :)

So, here I go again - starting a project, despite having some hundred others on the go or in UFO status...

Which reminds me - I'm going to commit to getting some quilts done over the next year. Time I got back into doing some quilting...not to mention, finishing off that one I was making for DGS.... only need to put on borders, and quilt it. Then there is my "Stairway to Cat Heaven" that I'm working on the nine patch stair blocks - I've got them all cut out and mapped out, and have sewn some of them. And there is a Christmas applique quilt - I have all the backing for the applique blocks ready. And a penguin quilt - all fabric purchased and pattern printed ready to go. OOOOooo - I didn't list it, but I have a fish quilt that I started for DH - I should get that one worked on, too..... (about that list - I have a clipboard folder notebook thingy, and I've been listing all my projects on looseleaf, and updating it when I finish something, or start something :-O or a month has gone by.... That is how I know the rough number of projects I have going.....) Anyway, I have also wanted to make a quilt that is all triangles in various blues - which just reminded me of one that is also triangles, but in greens - I almost forgot all about that one. Oh, and I've got a sampler quilt that I need to finish, and a house block of the month (some of those I did and pictures are at my photo album site) and then there is a Baltimore Album quilt that I want to do, and I found some cool fabric that reminds me of Beatrice Potter books/stories, so I want to use that fabric for a big block quilt (they are big printed pictures) and - oh, I know there are more... I have seven of them listed on the paper, and while I was typing this post I recalled several more quilt UFO's....

And DH wonders why I own three sewing machines.....

Well, I need to go wash another load of laundry - then they will all be ready to head to the laundramat for drying (and yeah, since the picture above is sorta fuzzy, maybe I'll take the camera with me....)


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