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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Clearer picture and a not dog picture :)

First, I took a few pictures of the afghan after it came out of the dryer at the laundramat. I still managed to jiggle the camera a bit in one of them. But I got two good shots. Why two? Well, one shows up the reverse sc edging I did better than the other picture.

Also, I am sharing a picture of a not dog. What is a not dog, you ask? Well, that is what you get when you have a strange dog, who does things like entertains you with her imitating a snow drift. I haven't gotten a picture of that yet, but I know I will before the winter is over. So, we had a major snowfall just before Hallowe'en, then it pretty much all melted away, then we had a lighter snowfall, that might have melted away....I say it might have, because of this:

Yes, that is the "not dog". Also could be called, a dog outline melted into the snow.... Anyway, the day after I took the picture, we had another major major snowfall - the kind where you need the snowblower, rather than just a shovel. Though DH decided to use a pusher shovel thing instead.... But I would have used the blower. I've done my time on the business end of a shovel, time to enjoy life... lol.

Other than that, the tree skirt is progressing, so is the sock gusset. I'll likely keep working on them, and on some other projects, and resist starting anything new (though there is going to be a dishcloth KAL and the 6 sox KAL starting on Dec. 1....Resistance is FUTILE!!!) until I knock something off the list, or at least get some decent progress going...... So, I'll likely post pics on Monday or Tuesday.

See you then....


  • At 6:09 a.m., Anonymous ancient one said…

    Congratulations - sorry I didn't get to see it finalized!! Nice print of Spud ....


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