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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Has it really been that long since I shared Pictures??

Guess I better fix that....

Progress on the mittens. I took these pictures yesterday, then did a few rows of knitting last night, but this is basically where I am.

The one mitten is FINISHED completely. All ends are woven in. The second mitten, as you can see, is past the thumb gusset increases, and all the thumb stitches are on the holders.

So, I turned the done mitt inside out.... And then did a close up of how the pattern is supposed to show, but for some reason, the dark yarn is twisted together a little more than the light yarn, so they seem to have been knitted tighter. Trust me - they aren't - I have checked and rechecked.

Now, it was not my intention to make these mittens reversible. It could be done, though, if someone wanted to.... I just worked the top closing by grafting the inside light grey together, then the outside dark grey. So, there is a ridge on the inside at the top. I've been thinking about how to change this - a three needle bind off might work - but the ridge would still be there, just not visible. I have another idea, that I'm going to try with the second mitten. So, they won't be an exact match, but they *are* prototype, and they *are* being knit for warmth more than looks, and they *are* for my DH who will love them just because I knitted them for him. So I'm not worried they aren't a perfect match.... But this is what the inside of the top looks like for now.

hm. won't load.... wonder why? OK, I've tried to load this picture several times. I tried resizing it, I tried typing, I tried adding other pictures.... I just can't seem to make this one appear. I don't know why. I guess it just doesn't want to be seen - it is shy. Well, maybe after I experiment with mitten number two, I will be able to post pictures of both mittens side by side. Sorry about that......

Now, for a project I made a couple years ago. And the reason that I chose the colours I did for the mittens - well, I wanted to go with black, but they only had one ball, and I wasn't positive if one ball of yarn would be enough, so I had to go with dark grey. Anyway, this is a "Seaman's Cap" - a free pattern, from the website for Needlebeetle. (googling for seaman needlebeetle should work if you are interested....) And of course, now that I see them here, it looks like the hat is dark grey and light grey.... but really, it *is* black and light grey. HEY!!! my picture suddenly appeared, while I was typing the word "grey" at the end of that sentence...well.... I'll go move it to the right part of the story ****

I also believe it has been a while since I posted some cute kitty pictures!!! Last Wednesday, I managed to get myself running late on a few things, and was rushed at the laundramat. I was doing bedding, and a sleeping bag, and I didn't quite get everything dry. So, I had a few towels draped around the living room so they wouldn't be folded and put away damp.... Mica and Ashleigh didn't care if they were a little dampish, obviously....

Sorry about the blur factor - DH took the picture. BUT- the good news about that - one of the reasons for the fight with the camera settings had to do with the flash not working properly. Well, I found out the other night, while trying to take good pictures at the Christmas party, that we'd accidently turned the flash off. *DUH* I turned it back on - and now we can take decent pictures again!!!

*** For those of you who are reading but don't blog yourself yet - when I type a post up, and insert pictures, they always load right at the top of the post, then you go and use your mouse (I'm not very good with keyboard operations) and click and drag the picture to where you want it to go in the text.... :)

So - my next picture taking project is to get pictures of some more of my past projects - like the hat - that I will have to raid closets and dresser drawers (does any one call it a bureau anymore?) and such to find them :) And progress pics, of course.....


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