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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Book Review, sort of

I haven't done a book review since - um, I think I did one after grade-school, probably junior high, but I don't think I did one in high school - so, I haven't done a book review in a very long time. I'm sure that this one isn't going to be great.... I dont' even recall the proper formula for writing a book review. Not to mention, back then, the book reviews I did do were for fiction.

What book do I want to review??? Well, a library book. That I *must* own one day. When I can afford it. Or, maybe I'll stick it on my wish list :) DH *did* say that I had to have more than one thing on my Christmas wish list this year....

Oh, right - the book. It is called.... Wendy Knits. This is a great book. - Oh, wait - I guess I better do the disclaimer thing. I'm not getting anything for promoting this book, and anything I say about it is my own opinion. You, the reader of my blog, are of course, free to disagree with me. But check the book out first - it really *is* a great book.

So. I've been reading it - not cover to cover, but I did try to start out that way. I've been flipping through it. There are wonderful sharings/stories about Wendy's knitting history. About friends and family. Very heartwarming stories. There are patterns. There are stories behind the patterns. Why they were created, how they came to be. The level of knitting ability - There are patterns very suitable to the beginner. Very well written. There are patterns for the more advanced knitter. Very well written. In fact, the "easy" patterns are appealing to the advanced knitter - they aren't some "written geared only to of interest to the 20 something crowd" that seems to be the "rule" for most newer knitting books I've seen lately. They are patterns that the advanced knitter might want to try for those "mindless take along" projects. And even the advanced patterns - they are classic styling, so they would appeal to all ages. And they are well written, so that even the adventurous beginner should be able to accomplish them.

I totally love this book, and would recommend adding it to anyone's pattern library.

Way better than any other knitting book that I've seen published in the last few years.

Most of the newer books I've seen, via the public library, are ones that I would recommend others read that way - Stitch N Bitch, for example, has some great instruction for people who've never knit before, and don't have someone to show them how. But the patterns - my opinion - fine if you are 20 something. The Mason Dixon book - stick with reading their blog. That is accessible for free. Why pay for it by buying the book? The patterns? Not sure at all who they'd appeal to. Yarn Harlot? Same thing. Read the blog. But Wendy Knits? BUY IT!!!

Ok, so part of my line of thinking has a lot to do with my budget.... I can't afford to run out and buy any book "hot off the press". I go to the library first. I have bought books as a result of seeing them in the library. There are others that I am glad I didn't buy - I would have found myself angry and resentful about spending money and getting "ripped off". I have bought some fiction books by authors that I consider favourites. I recommend these books to many people. I have bought the odd knitting book. A Gathering of Lace, for example. That is an excellent book. I've also bought, from the library book sale, A Knitter's Almanac, by Elizabeth Zimmerman. I recommend her books - as well as the Barbara Walker Treasuries. I haven't been able to afford the treasuries yet, but they are ones I want one day. I've also bought Marianne Kinzel's First Book of Modern Lace Knitting, as well as the Second Book of Modern Lace Knitting. My library only had one of those, but I had to have both. I should also mention, in fairness, that the Modern Lace books are co-owned by my sister. As is Gathering of Lace. I also picked up, at the library book sale, an Alice Starmore book. That one is one I don't like. One of the ones that had I paid full price for, I would have resented wasting the money. I also bought a book of sweater patterns from a clearance table at a book store. I know now why it was on the clearance table. Ug. Ly. sweaters.

I definitely have to add the Wendy Knits book to my collection. I'm also going to have to start reading her blog - Something I think I've done on occasion, but not quite sure why I haven't been a regular reader until now. I also believe I've probably "bumped into" Wendy on some of the lists, but for some reason (likely to do with selfishness) haven't investigated sooner.....

So. There you have it. My first book review and recommendation.


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