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Friday, December 08, 2006

No pics, but a report....

When I was knitting the first double knit mitten, I got just past the cuff into the hand, and made a nasty mistake, that somehow ended up with an unrecoverable dropped stitch. I ended up frogging (ripping out) the whole thing, and starting over. I finished mitten number one on Wednesday, just before leaving for my knitting group meeting. (OK, technically, the ends still need some weaving in, so it really isn't finished) Everyone there loved it, and there were some requests for pattern :) I cast on and knit the second cuff while there. Came home, did a couple rows before bed. Next day (last night) tried to do the next row, something wasn't working right, tinked, fiddled, ended up frogging and starting over.....

Seems that these mittens are doomed to be done that way, lol. At least for me....

Oh, and I can see some things in the prototype that will (hopefully) not make it into the pattern. They aren't noticable enough to change for DH's mittens - he loves the first one already - but they aren't going to be repeated indefinitely!

Will post my progress pictures next week - and with a little luck, will have the pattern in a condition to be test knit/shared anyway very soon.


  • At 11:29 a.m., Anonymous Holly Burnham said…

    Will we be treated to a pic of these mittens? You have patience....I'm am not a well behaved 'frogger'.


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