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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

I'm behind....

This was one of those weekends....

Instead of doing a bit of housework, then working on (and hopefully finishing) the mittens on Saturday, I went shopping. Bought myself some dress pants - there is something to be said for living in blue jeans. Good things can be said about it, but so can not so good things. Like, when your nice white jeans have a stain of uncertain origin (but likely doggy related). Or when your black jeans are fading nicely, which means they can no longer be passed off as "dressy". So, since Saturday night was the "company Christmas party", which we weren't necessarily going to attend, but ended up going to at the last minute, and since a wander through my closet really didn't turn up anything much that I could wear - I have a lot of really fancy dresses and such, but that would have been "overdressed". Anyway, to avoid rambling here.... I didn't really have anything to wear, so I went out and bought myself new clothes. Now, I don't mind shopping at thrift stores. Yes, even for clothing. I love a bargain. And besides, I also like to patronize the Salvation Army thrift store because in my opinion, they do good work. Anyway - in this case, though, I worked on convincing myself that it was OK to buy myself something new. So, I went over to Walmart.

I went into the clothing department, and I saw a lady hanging up a few things.... I asked her if she would mind helping me - I didn't want to spend a lot of time finding where they had the not too expensive pants in my size (I'm petite, really - also known as short) Anyway, she was very helpful - guiding me around. After selecting pants, I mentioned that I might be interested in looking at tops, too (thinking about the selection of tops in my closet, which, while I have a lot, I'm tired of wearing some of them - think it's time to get brutal with the closet cleaning....)So - we looked at a few tops. And there was a dress for $7. I tried on the pants - they fit. I tried on the first top - it was on sale under $10. (these are Cdn dollars, btw - but I dont' think it matters...) Anyway, it looked great, silver glittery coloured, but was a tank style - I don't have my black Charlotte's Web shawl knit yet, so that was out for the Christmas Party, but it was too good looking and too great a price to put back..... Second was a turtleneck in fuschia. Now, I'm very fussy about how turtle neck sweaters have to look. For a while now, the style has been loose, baggy turtlenecks. Or at least, that is all I've seen for some time now. Short people should not wear baggy on top.... Well, *this* short person definitely shouldn't.... So, I've been wanting to own a turtleneck for quite some time now......

The price was $18. It fit. It was worth it. BUT - I decided that it was going under the tree from DH to me..... So, I'll be wrapping it and putting it under the tree.

The $7. dress - now, that was a bit of a let down. It fit. It was a steal. It looked good. It was button front. The placement of two of the buttons was such that if I wore it anywhere - it would need a pin. That is too much trouble - sadly. If it weren't for that gaping bit - I would have snapped it up.

Right - the third top - Again, it was under $10 on sale. One of those sweater/cami things that look two piece but are only one piece. Combined with the pants - (which were also $18) - Made me look like a million bucks!!!!

So, I left home working on convincing myself that I was worth the price of some new clothes, and came home feeling like I was DEFINITELY worth it!!! :)

As for the party - well, we figured that if we had to go, that at least we could leave early. We got home at 1:30 am. It was much better than we thought it would be....

Sunday - well, let's see - between sleeping in, and the usual Sunday stuff...I didn't get much knitting done. Some, just not much.

So, I'm behind. But I realized - I have enough notes done on the mittens that I should be able to get started on typing the pattern up anyway. And, since these things are to keep DH's hands warm while snow blowing and stuff this winter, it's probably a good thing that it hasn't snowed for a while, and that the temperatures have been hovering around the freezing point lately..... :) Very mild temperatures....

Oh, and one more thing that happened at the Christmas party - Found out another of DH's co-workers is going to be a daddy - soon!! So once I get the mittens done, and the crocheted Christmas Tree skirt (hopefully, before Christmas day at least!!!), I'll be starting another baby blanket in January or February.... ( the baby is due in March)


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