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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Update, such as it is.

I've been asked for an update....

I still know nothing much.

I was told that I'd be contacted if there were any questions. I was told that if I wanted, I could phone them Friday. I was told that if I didn't want to wait, that I could go ahead and get the truck fixed, paying our deductable. I was told that if judgement was in my favour, we'd be re-imbursed for the deductable.

So, we went to a dealership..... They will call us, likely sometime next week (holidays and all, don'tcha know) when we can bring in the truck.

$1751 and change damages.

That's all I know..... And I'm just sooooo tired.........

Need to figure out what project to work on - I don't have anything on much of a deadline.... Thinking of frogging the treeskirt. I looked at it, thought what I have would make a better doily done in thread. Will probably try doing some basic solid dc type tree skirt. Maybe. If I feel like it. I haven't seen any patterns already out there that I like, either in knit or crochet. Lots of quilted/appliqued/sewn ones....

Maybe that's what I'll do. Abandon the crochet skirt, and make a fabric based one for next year.


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