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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Am taking a bit of a break for the holidays....

So...I won't be posting for a bit.

I still need to take pictures of and type up the pattern for the mitts - DH loves them so much, I haven't seen them since they've been completed, lol.

I did a couple towel toppers and dishcloths for a gift exchange thing I'm doing tonight - did take pics, but haven't downloaded. Did an "ornament dishcloth" for the NCB dishcloth group (do I have a button? Time for housecleaning in the new year, I guess....). Also pic taken but not loaded.... the pattern is from "harvest moon" blog... hopefully, you can find it. If not, bet it will be on the site already!! That is such a great place to find patterns - along with the sister site of

So, today we go to get the truck checked out by the insurance company.... hopefully, that goes smoothly, and we have no trouble getting it fixed and getting a courtesy car and all that. Will let you know after the holidays how it all turned out. Unless it doesn't go well, and I need to vent. Then you'll hear from me sooner.

BUT - the DH is home all this week, and all the next, so my 'puter time is limited....

Hope everyone has a great holiday, a merry Christmas, and I wish all my readers (how many of you are there? three, four? :) All the best for the new Year.

See you all next year!!


  • At 7:49 p.m., Anonymous Joan said…

    we want an update about MPI!!!!


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