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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Can I do it today????

I've had a rather boring week - - bloggable wise. Am working on two projects mostly, which I haven't taken pictures of yet. A baby blanket due for March, and a tote bag. Like I need more tote bags.... But this was for the crochet along group. Aran tote. Pattern over at site - which has recently been revamped, so I don't know if I have a working direct link. Anyway, it is the "Aran Sampler Tote". I love knitted aran patterns, but have never gotten around to trying the crochet aran. I think I like it.... :) The tote bag is supposed to be lined - which would make it a very nice purse. BUT - it doesn't close on top, which makes it not purselike. I'm thinking of not bothering with the fabric liner, and just making it a tote for projects or shopping or something. Which means - I'm not sure if I should just do the top edging as written (which is to be folded over the fabric liner on the inside - so I'd just fold it over anyway for shaping??? or something) or not, and I'm not clear on what they want for the handle. It seems that you start it on the side, work to the middle, then start the second side, work to the middle, then join the handle. But, they also say, fold the long edges (of each half) together, then join the end - so, do they mean, four thicknesses? Or is it a typo? Or what do they want? Do you sew the long edges together? If so, the strap then becomes awfully thin.... if you sew the end of the strap to the base of the strap (where it joins the bag) then you have very short strap.....

So, I think I'll do the top edging as written, then crochet the first half of the strap, and see what it looks like before I decide what to do with the strap.

Now - I'm going to try to load some pictures.....

Yes!!!!! Finally - these are the snowflakes I did for January. Now I need to get started doing my February ones.... I hadn't started just yet, since Friday was my birthday, and Saturday I did a Mexican dinner :) Last night, I had a Mica on my lap for over an hour - which really cut into the crocheting baby blanket time..... Since that is the deadline project, I wanted to spend a lot of time on that.

So.... My plan for this month: I need to do some more coasters for an exchange again, I want to get the next batch of snowflakes made, finish the tote, finish the baby blanket, I need to do a comfort 'ghan square, and after that - I'm going to start some quilting, and some serious UFO control.... As well as I'm finally getting my house back in order. I've been decluttering a little at a time - now it is time to clean and organize the "junk" I'm keeping :) I did a major messy area last week, and I've started on my kitchen cupboards.

And I don't seem to be able to post any more pictures this morning....dont' know why - must be blogger, not me.... But at least I finally got the snowflakes up :)


  • At 9:20 a.m., Blogger WPGGAL said…

    I missed your Birthday, hope it was a good one!!

  • At 8:58 a.m., Blogger hakucho said…

    Your snow flakes are beautiful! I made some snowflakes over 20 years ago that adorn our Christmas tree every year. I love yours...beautiful work :)

    happy knitting and crocheting :)

  • At 12:58 a.m., Blogger Kat said…

    Happy late birthday! As usual I'm behind. ;-)

    Those snowflakes are gorgeous!! Where did you get the patterns? I wanna make some like yours. Like Hakucho, I have some on my Christmas tree although they're only seven years old or so. I want to make more, and yours are just stunning. Please?

    I'm also behind on my Six Weird Things list, but I'm working on it....

  • At 5:40 p.m., Anonymous motherlime said…

    Beautiful Job !!!

    Shirley from NY
    AKA Motherlime


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