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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Picture sharing again...

So, I finished the Horcrux Socks. For the group, Six Sox Knitalong. I think I have a blog button for them - - - - - - >
I have to clean up my blog buttons one of these days.... I want to put up a button for each of the groups I belong to, and I need to update the links to include some of the blogs that I read each day... I don't know how many people actually check and look at the links and stuff.... Of course, I've seen plenty of times, that a bunch of people will join a group, mentioning they saw a post on someone's blog.... So.... I better update.

But, in the meantime - pictures :)
On one of the spinning lists, (or maybe more than one, come to think of it) people sometimes ask what one does with the yarn that has been spun. Sometimes, the answer comes (somewhat jokingly) "do with it? you mean, you are supposed to knit or something?" With the meaning, that sometimes, the process of spinning is an end unto itself. Yes, a lot of people do spin yarn with a project in mind. Sometimes, though, the fibre just wants to be spun, with no particular end project. Sort of like, buying stash - I'm one who (mostly) buys yarn when I need it for a project. I seldom just buy yarn "just because". This is primarily budget oriented - that is, I can't afford to buy yarn just because it is on sale, or just because I like the colour, or just because..... So, I tend to buy yarn only when I know what I want to make it into. Now, there are some exceptions.... But, I still try to buy the yarn with certain possibilities in mind. Meaning, for example, that I will buy enough to make a pair of socks....or enough to make an afghan....even if I don't have a particular sock pattern in mind, or a particular afghan....

Back to my point (I do tend to ramble at times, lol). I now understand the concept that certain other crafts are an end unto themselves. I was having a little trouble with the spinning, because I am still in the learning phase, and I'm wondering what to do with the yarn I'm spinning - should I spin enough for socks, will I have enough for socks, will it be the proper twist for socks, etc. etc. etc. I tend to think in socks, because they are a small project, don't require a lot of yarn, and if they are totally ugly, well - they will be on my feet, inside shoes or boots, or worn around the house, where no one will see them anyway. So, who cares? What I want to do, though, is to figure out what else I can make! I mean, yeah, socks are great - but I'm starting to get to a point.... Well, I'm also getting a bit ahead of myself....

I have reached a point (very quickly, really) of realizing - playing with dye is becoming a satisfying end unto itself..... I mean, the experimentation, the possibilities, the colours -

I'm not sure if "Exploded Crayon Box" or "Crayon Box Barf" (haven't decided on the name for this creation yet) would be good for socks....

This was my first attempt at using Easter Egg Dye. I enjoyed it :)
My mind is reeling with possibilites, and my favourite wool for dyeing is on sale this weekend at my lys...(local yarn store - Ram Wools). So.... I am very tempted to make a yarn buying run tomorrow..... BUT - here's where I get into a dilema....
On one hand, I have all these ideas for colour mixes, for colour patterns.... on the other hand, I have a budget, but the sale price is tempting.... Then, there is the part about - this is 100% hand washable wool.... So... Making the finished yarn into socks.... well.... I mean, I don't mind, much - I've already got several pairs of need-to-handwash hand knit wool socks for both DH and I....
But, what else could I make? I don't do felting. I know how, I could do it, but it just goes against the grain for me. Besides, how many purses/totebags/etc. can one person use?
I suppose I could try a scarf.... Hats are out. I don't wear them, for one, and I'm not sure about the washing frequency.... DH wears hats sometimes in the cold weather, and so far, he likes the one I knit him a couple years ago....
I suppose mittens.... or maybe arm warmers - but again, how many of those will I want/need?
But, the yarn dyeing is so much fun.... and the possibilities... I mean, here it is, spring (keeping my fingers crossed that it really *is* spring) and the plants that I can harvest for dyeing..... plus the egg dye that I still have, still want to work with.... I suppose I could ball up the yarn, or skein it up, and decorate with it....
Yeah, right - I have two sweet little kitties - I think they would decide to *RE* decorate with yarn....
Hm. Seem to have run out of pictures.....
I'm working right now on the lilac socks. I've finished the heel turn, and the gusset decreases. So now, it is about forty or so rounds for the foot - then toe, then I can wear them!!! And then, on to the next UFO.... :)
Ok, I started something new.... Needle punch embroidery. Which isn't totally new, but new to me... or renewed to me - I think it was something that I played at as a teenager. I know I've done it before.... Just not for long.
I'm doing it now, though :) No, no pictures yet.... I only just started, and ran into a bit of difficulty with the fabric, but I'm starting over, and will post pics when I get something accomplished.


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