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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

An update....

I decided on what to do about the bug pi shawl. I ripped it out. Used the yarn to make a test swatch for the Mystery Stole 3. Here they are: ("they" being pictures before and after I blocked the swatch)

I also added a link thing to a blog ring for the Mystery Stole thing. You only have until July 6 to sign up if you want to try it out.... go on over to Melanie's blog, "pinklemontwist" - I always forget the exact url, but google finds it for me all the time :)
I've been crocheting like crazy on my granny blanket. Have four squares left that need the white yarn rounds added. Then something like 15 blocks to work the white ends into.... (including the four to be done yet). Then I get to join them all up, and if I have enough yarn left, maybe a round or two of border.
In between - I've been knitting a few rounds on my Victorian Lace sock - Six Sox Knitalong group. As well as trying to take a bite out of the UFO's I have hanging around....
I still haven't figured out how to get the side bar stuff to go back onto the side. It is way down at the bottom of this page, past all the older posts....
I also am now trying to figure out how to upload movies....finally got off my butt and figured out how to do movies with our camera. I know other people manage to put videos on their blogs and stuff...webpages, etc.
I like blogging and all, but I'm wondering if there is an easier way - I know that blogger isn't totally difficult, but it really isn't all that easy to figure out how to do things, either.... :(
I'm also "shopping" for a new online photo host....
*sigh*.... so much work to this internet
And, with it being summer, I'm usually away an awful lot....
I think it is time to weed out my groups again.... really need to leave the groups that I'm not enjoying....
I know there was more - oh, the marten... saw one. And did I mention the woodchuck? I really need to settle down and blog properly....


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