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Friday, June 22, 2007

Pictures :)

Ok, I have some pictures to share. And maybe a bit more coherent post.
I am trying to do some clean-up. I have not yet figured out how I messed up the sidebar thing. Someone with more knowledge than me had a look at my codes, and helped a little... but I still don't know why all my pets are now way at the bottom of the page.
I also need to change my link to my photo album site. Yahoo is closing its photo hosting, so I'm switching. I'm moving all my pictures over to a Google based site. Like, how, Google is probably the best (in my opinion) search site. The best free web-based mail site. The best blog site. (Hey, it isn't their fault that I'm not computer literate enough!!! I mean, really, when I went blog hunting, this one was the easiest for me to figure out - and they've made it easier.... one of these days, I'll learn it right!! LOL) So, when I found out Yahoo was closing, and even though they offered to move everything to flickr (which is where I host my blog buttons), I went looking for a Google based photo host. Found one... LOVE IT!!!!! WAY BETTER THAN YAHOO, EVEN!!! And I have to admit, I liked Yahoo photos.... But I really *do* like Picassa better :) :) :) :) I did go check my flickr account, and tried to figure out how to handle my pictures there, and couldn't figure it out.

Anyway - I'll be changing the link on the sidebar that isn't on the side but way down the page.
In the meantime, any of you readers who are on Yahoo groups that I'm on, will see both links in my sig line for a while. I am still moving pictures - got a lot moved, and some new stuff loaded into the new pic site. Once they are all gone from Yahoo photos, I'll be taking out the sig line section with the link to the Yahoo album.

Those of you who are reading this blog who *don't* know me from an email group - WOW!!! Welcome!!! How did you find me? (grin)
Ok... so.... pictures:
First, in the Six Sox Knitalong group - among the rules of that group are that when you post photos, you are supposed to post the description of what yarn and needles you are using, only post one photo of in progress and one photo of finished - it is a large group, and that keeps things under control (space/usage, information, etc.). IF you post following said rule(s), and you have completed the sock for that period, you will get your name entered in a draw. Well, I was a lucky winner of the draw for the Horcrux Socks :) :) :) This is what I received:
I love the colour, and I haven't had opportunity to try Trekking yet, so I'm looking forward to knitting with it. :)
The current Six Sox sock - Victorian Lace - is an easy enough pattern. But I'm going slowly on it... only just past the heel on the first sock.

Besides the Victorian, I'm back to working on the Basket Weave sock. No pattern, I was keeping track of where I was up to on paper...then I lost the paper....Then I got over my fear of being able to read my knitting and count rows accurately, so now I'm just knitting and am confident that the second sock will match. Now that I know what I'm doing, that is. :) I still have to figure out a fool-proof way of remembering how long to make the foot - these socks are going to be for DH, so it isn't like I can try them on as I go.

Now, the other project that I'm working on - for some reason, am anxious to get it finished. Not really sure why - just one of those things where I started it, and now I want to finish it. Was supposed to also be a convenient "carry along" project - The Granny Square Blanket.

I sat out in my porch for a while last night (well, the last two nights, but for this story, one evening is "important") working on joining the squares. I have fifteen squares joined. I think I mentioned here yesterday that I haven't decided on the finished size - but, I thought I'd go for the 4X6, then see how long that works out to be. If it is long enough, then I'll join the last six along the side. If it seems too short, I'll make another two squares, and join two more rows. I guess that is one reason to hurry and finish - before I lose track of the leftover pink and red yarns....

So - I have: 15 squares joined together, 11 squares ready to join on, and four squares to weave ends in then join. (oh, and I have to weave ends from the joining, but I'll do them at the end, or maybe when I pull out the needle for the four squares, I'll do a few of the other ends... and I still think I'll need to do some sort of finishing touch border around the whole thing....). Well, I decided to take a picture of what I have left. I laid it out on the couch; I even stacked the four squares so you could see the tails.... Went inside to grab the camera, and came back to.....

I could have sworn I was making this afghan for me, but it seems that Ashleigh is saying, "Mine, Mine!!! All Mine!!!! You can't have any!" I don't know how many times I've had to stop working on this afghan, because she was napping on the stack of squares....


  • At 4:48 p.m., Blogger JoanK said…

    The look on her face says it all - "Don't you even think about taking this from me - I don't care that these aren't my colours - I thought you'd get the hint earlier, but obviously you're just a poor human, so this is my last warning!!!"

    hugs, Joan


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