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Monday, July 16, 2007

Pig Roast Report

Ok, I know - it took me forever to report.... But, I don't type fast.... really. And I've had so much email to catch up on.... I've been really learning how to use the delete button.

Allright... Like I said, I've been nervous about anonymity issues. I will not be identifying anyone in the pictures. Of course, there may be some obvious ones, as well as some assumptions - there were more than just my grandkids - so not all children in the pictures are grandkids of mine.... And you should at least recognize my doggies!!

I know, too, that other people have blogged about their families - shown pics, etc. But, I've now had some direct experience with identity theft, and I'm still a little "gun shy"....

Ok, enough whimpering.... Day was great :) Got to spend not enough time with family and friends. I was going to say, "co-workers of DH", but really, they are friends too... so....

Weather was great. It was overcast most of the day, but thin overcast - meaning, bright enough and warm enough that people could wear shorts if they wanted. But, overcast enough not to be so stiflingly hot and humid. (hey, spell check didn't like grandkids, but accepted stiflingly. I wasnt' even sure it *was* a word!!). Anyway - with all the rain we've had this spring/early summer (When will it ever end???????? I don't know how to swim!!!! Should I be building an ark?????) it would have been very humid if the sun would have been able to come out and shine full strength.

The drawback to the cooler weather - all the lovely mosquitoes that have been hatching thanks to the rain were checking out all the "fresh meat"..... Of course, there was plenty of mosquito repellant on hand. And honestly, they were tolerable, if you sprayed yourself. And later on, there was a smudge fire started....

So...what else.... well, several people brought cards and gifts - which weren't necessary, because the gift of friendship was more than enough. But the gifts were much appreciated. Among the gifts was one - from a very good, long-time friend, who knows us so well - that I totally LOVE. He knew that we wouldn't expect gifts, but he was told that he should get he did. He brought....

Dentabone dog chews for Spud and Bear!!!! I love it!!!!

Also, some family members decided we needed a cake. Now, what happened was, after the pig roast was all over and done with.... someone asked me, "Did you take a picture of the pig after it was cooked and before anyone ate it?" Well, um, no, actually, it didn't occur to me.... So, the very next picture I took (and this was the day after....)

I did, though, take a picture of the pig roaster in the morning, and later when we had finished clean-up and I was returning it....

Oh - most people left soon after dinner....and I was trying my best to get pictures of all the guests.... and I made sure to try for candid shots, because there are always some people who don't pose well, so some of the pictures are a bit blurry, and some just plain...well, let's just say, that it is impossible to take "candid" shots (I know, professional photographers are quite capable of doing it) of fireworks.... See, later on, when it got dark, some of the people who were planning to stay over, as well as my kid(s) * and grandkids stayed for the fireworks that one person brought along :) So, we capped the night off with a fireworks display. :) In general, it was a great day, lots of fun had by all - many people commented to us on how great the food was. So - here come the pictures.

Ok, with one further delay - * I only have the one kid. But to say, kid and grandkids stayed... or to have to say kid, my dil, and my grandkids.... especially as I *do* get along with my DIL, and I *do* in some ways treat her as a daughter... Anyway - she was there, she did stay too....

All right - here are some pictures of the people having fun:

Ok, in the next two pictures.... I've picked these, to illustrate something else. :) I decided that it was high time we owned one of those screen tent tent, some call them. I figured, that it would be nicer for the DH to maybe put the pig roaster in, so that he wouldn't be bothered by mosquitoes.... Instead, he used it early in the day to escape from the bugs. Later, we were just going to use it for the tables of salads, etc. again, to keep the bugs from bothering the food. Well, reduce their number, at least. What ended up happening - we also got a second kitchen tent as one of the gifts...and quickly realized that it would be perfect to set up in tandem with the first one, as we really needed that much room for the extra "potluck" salads and desserts!!! Oh, and our surprisingly intelligent dogs learned very quickly that they, too, could slip in under the first tent, and hide out from the mosquitoes!!! Spud put herself in there quite often during the early part of the day. Bear, of course, realized that there were far more people around, who were quite willing to throw his ball or frisbee for him. Spud also, later, when supper was over and people started leaving, decided she wanted to go "home" to the cabin and go to sleep...

Ok, so I didn't get pics of the dogs in the tents, or going home.... but I did get pics of them looking hopefully at the people with food.....

Ok, more people eating and enjoying:

Well....this post has taken me nearly an I think I'll leave it here. I did take more pictures...but this should give a pretty good idea of how much fun our day was. :)


  • At 2:16 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Boy, looks like I missed a good time, huh? Congratulations on your 30th anniversary. Like I said, you only get 25 years for murdering someone!! I'll be at your 60th, OK?
    P.S. Don't you think you should come for lunch one day and bring Annie. I'm a little anxious to see her!!!???


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