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Friday, July 20, 2007

Updates on lace and sockies....

Ok... I know I've posted the swatch picture before, but I'm doing it again. See, I was at Ram Wools this morning, picking up some more sock yarn, and mentioned that I like to use Briggs & Little Durasport for making lace shawls. And, since I still haven't posted a picture of my knitting so far on the Mystery Stole 3, I figure I should :)

I have not yet done clue number three.... but others have, so I know what it should look like. :) It continues the sort of honeycomb thing that is started in this clue...

I did the swatch pictures again, because of course, my stole isn't blocked, but the swatch is. I have to take the swatch and the stole back into the store next time I go. Or, make a special trip - which I don't mind doing. I'm sure, though, that I'll need even more sock yarn before too long!!
Relevant links: - I've posted this one many times before - just the greatest store... well, OK, honestly, I haven't had much chance to visit too many others to compare, but I do love Ram.... :) No, I'm not kissing up.... I really do like the people there - friendly, helpful.

Also, I have more lace pictures in my photo album. Until I get my sidebar straightened out, though, I'm going to put a link in here:

Ok...Now for the sockie update. Of course, I finished my Six Sox Socks - Victorian Lace.

I'm working on the basket weave socks for DH - most recently taken picture is in my photo album link - that I just shared above, the picasa thing - in the UFO album. I knit about 10 or 12 rows on it last night. So, it really doesn't look a lot different than the picture! Hopefully, I will get something done on it this weekend or so....
BUT - I'm so wired waiting for Harry Potter.... I have to wait for the library book. So, of course, this morning, I had to go and find, while wandering the net, three patterns. They are all from the Socktopia website, which I never heard of until today. One is called, Bellatrix, one Nagini, and one is Fawkes. Which of course, is why I had to head to Ram. I mean, I've been meaning to get around to going, and buying some Sisu yarn to make the Potter inspired "Dobby" Christmas socks... I had been working on a design in my head, but someone beat me to it for posting a free pattern on the net. And, I figured, it was time to get some yarn for the next Six Sox pattern, due to start August first. Guess what I forgot to buy??? Anyway, I also thought, that ever since I knit those brown socks for DH out of that Fabel(? I think, doing from memory, 'cause I don't want to go look in the bag at the label again...but I'll be sure to correct myself later....) I've been wanting to buy some for me... So, I thought I'd go and see if they had any colours that just said Bellatrix or Fawkes to me....They did. :) Why not Nagini? Well, remember a few posts back, I mentioned winning the draw on Six Sox group? And I got that lovely green Trekking? I have it, needles, and pattern all packed ready to go for the weekend!!! Along with the stuff for making the stole. Well, I need *something* to keep my mind off Harry for the weekend!!!

One of these days, I'm going to say, "no more project starts until I get the UFO list under control" and mean it!! ;)


  • At 2:47 p.m., Blogger Kat said…

    Ah, the UFO list.... Why does mine keep getting even longer??? LOL!

    The Victorian Lace Socks look fabulous!! I need to finish mine up. Thanks for sharing yours!

    Your MS3 looks awesome, too!


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