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Friday, August 24, 2007

Loose Ends...

Shoe Story PS:

I forgot to mention -- I also do currently own a pair of "thongs" - not the butt floss kind, the "flipflop" kind... for those days when I actually get close to a beach, or for the damp days when I don't want the leather on the regular sandals to get wrecked. And, I didn't mention my slippers. I have: A pair of pink slippers that are I think referred to as "mules" - flat bottom, wide strap across the front of the foot, open toe... ; a pair of cat slippers that are like stuffed kitties that you put your feet into; A pair of cat slippers that are mule style, and have a tail, and a mask for their eyes for sleeping; a pair of cat slippers that are sort of mule style with closed toe - they are yellow terry with a cat face embroidered on them; A pair of doggy slippers that are like the first kitty ones; and a pair of knitted slip ons that were part of a goody-bag gift knitted by a friend to everyone who attended a particular fibre fest a few years ago.


I'm taking off for two and a half weeks, so I won't be around to post much. Also, if you leave a comment on my blog, I have it set for "approval" so you don't have to be a blogger member to post, but the other side of that is that I need to be around to approve the comment. So - if you post a comment, and it doesn't show for a while, don't think I don't approve. Well, mostly - I haven't had a bad or rude or spam comment since my very first post... Anyway - I will approve as soon as I'm around to do it. Of course, I'll have to check in once in a while, when I come home to do some laundry. Two and a half weeks is way too long to not do laundry!!

WIP Progress:
Well, now that I've finished the Mystery Stole 3, I can concentrate on getting some socks knitted... Yeah, right.... So, here is the list of things I'm taking: Nagini yarn and pattern to restart, Gansey socks to work on, Basket weave sock and note paper to finish knitting and writing up, Bellatrix socks to work on, Yarn to make Dobby socks for a gift for a friend, yarn to make a cat themed scarf (week in the life of a knitter's cat scarf patterns from Blackberry Ridge - I also plan to soon make as well, but seem to have misplaced the pattern, which someone gifted me), and I'm also taking along a UFO - my "Sheharazade" (sp probably wrong) stole from last year's Mystery Stole 2. I only seem to have gotten about twenty or so rows into it, so I don't even have a picture. It doesn't look like much at all at this point... Anyway - I'm going to try to finish that one. Don't want to lose the lace bug before the "Secret of Chrysopolis" starts at the end of September!!

Cat Story and Picture as Promised:

Sounds heard at our house: Jingle jingle jingle.... chirpymeow, chirpymeow.... thumpy thimpy thumpy....purrrrr puuurrrrr pppppuuuuurrrrrrrrr

Seen to go with those sounds: Dog waking from nap, shaking head and rattling dog tags on collar, cat waking or being alerted to location of dog, making a happy chirping meow sound, then running to the dog, poor dog trying to take more than one step without a cat rubbing her face, muzzle, and neck....

Not ever seen before - dog finally giving up, laying down, and:

Never mind the stuff on the floor behind the dog, or anything... I just thought it was sooo cute - I've never seen Ashleigh cuddle up to Spud before. I've seen Mica do it plenty, but never Ashleigh. She may have done it, during the night, or when I've been out... But this time, I got to see it. :) They are just soooo cute together :)

(And, if you are interested, the yellow bag behind Spud? That is a tote style bag, that I am using as a purse, and the yellow kitty slippers I mentioned in the first bit match it... it also has a matching umbrella)

So - I shall leave you now with a wish that you all have a great two weeks, and I'll post all sorts of progress pics when I get back... Maybe even some finished project pics!! And, maybe even some more wildlife pics.... I know I have some of a baby turtle that I havent shared yet, and maybe a few butterfly, some caterpillars...


  • At 6:08 p.m., Blogger Aunt Kathy said…

    Have a great vacation, love the animal picture...

    Looks like maybe you need some more slippers, LOL

    I love slippers

  • At 12:20 a.m., Blogger Kat said…

    O.K., now I want pictures of all of your kitty shoes! LOL!! It sounds like quite a collection.

    LOVE the pictures of the dog and cat together.

    Have a great time on your vacation!


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