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Friday, August 03, 2007

Updates updates Wips and stuffs

Ok: The WIP list: Mystery Stole 3 - half finished clue four, which was two charts. So, I've completed one of them. Picture to follow.... I laid the stole out on my freezer in my porch. I went to pick up the camera, and there appeared a cat. Ashleigh loves the camera.... Which is why I end up with so many pictures of her to post.... Anyway - I couldn't take a good progress picture, because there was a cat on it. So, I don't have a close up like I usually try for. Now, after the pictures were taken, she sat on the stole. There is NO WAY I was going to try to remove her - I didn't need claws appearing and snagging any of that hard work. So, I left her.... she curled up and went to sleep, spending the better part of the day on the stole. Finally, she got up - I went to make sure that there were no "accidents" during a waking stretch. No snags. BUT - I guess she figured that since I was almost done with that ball of yarn, I should just start a fresh ball.... she bit through the yarn tail!!!! At least, though, she's left me about four or six inches of tail to weave in, lol..... Not sure if the picture shows that bit or not.... haven't looked that close. Anyway: Pictures:

Now, for the clue pictures: I can't remember if I posted a finished picture of clue three yet... I think I might have, but here it is again.

And clue four half - um, clue three and a half? clue half four? mid point of clue four? Uh....

Ok. Now for the socks story.....
WIP socks. 1. Basket Weave: Have begun the leg of sock number two. Am working on writing it up, and posting it to blog. Not this blog... I've started a pattern blog. There is only the leg directions there now, so I'm not sharing the link just yet... when the sock is finished, or at least, the writing is finished, I'll tell you where to find it.
2. Nagini. Am at the gusset increases - it is a toe up sock - and I really need to concentrate. Took it with me to my knit meet-up the other night. I took the stole, the basket weave sock, and Nagini, 'cause I wasn't sure what I wanted to/would be able to work on. Depended on the crowd size. Anyway - I did some of Nagini there... Not easy to keep track of where I was, while chatting and stuff, so it was sssslllloooowww going....
3. Yes, there is a three.... Since I had packed up all my WIP's for the knit meet - I had nothing to work on for an hour... so I cast on for Bellatrix. I'm doing Bella' on two circs; two much disliked circs. They are "Aero" brand, and they have a "flat spot" on the cable. I ran into something similar with Susan Bates needles - but they had flat spots on the needle itsself. Right near where the cable joined the needle. So, it made for very annoying knitting - sliding stitches over the flat spot wasn't easy.... Ok, for those who aren't familiar with these brands of needles, in the smaller sizes (2 US, 2.5 or 2.75 mm) there seems to be a problem with the join of the cable to needle - I guess when they crimped them together, or whatever they do, there is a flat part, that caused the needle to have a bulge - If you have ever made a "snake" from dough (bread or play kind) then pressed it down, it bulges out the side - so you have a spot that is wider than the rest. Anyway - I used these Aero needles anyway.... ** more about needles in a bit....
4. Of course there is a 4.... Six Sox Knitalong group's sock for August/September is a Gansey sock. I have been meaning to make a gansey sock..... or socks.... I cast on for one last night. Just cast on - haven't even divided the stitches onto the four needles yet, lol....
So.... that is where I'm at.... have socks on all my needles, am resisting the urge to buy more needles so I can cast on more socks - I'm not even looking in my dpn box to see if I happen to have a set still empty..... Otherwise, I might find Fawkes on them....
**Now - about needles.... I really like the Wrights/Boye needles. (and crochet hooks, but that would be another post....) I mean, I *REALLY* love Boye needles. I have used other brands - Bates, Aero, and I even finally invested in an Addi Turbo Circular in size 2. Nagini is on that one. Well.... I do admit, that I like the Addi cable. Very flexible. Nice. Smooth. But, I really don't like the needles. I don't like the feel, don't like the point, don't like the sound.... I realized that they don't "click"...then I happened to read that they are made not to click. I don't like that.... I like the rhythmic clicking of knitting needles. And it usually isnt' that loud - except on the Aeros.... DH only ever complains about the clicking of the needles when I would use my Aero straights for anything.....
The biggest problem - it is very very very hard to find smaller sized needles, especially in circs. around here. Boye makes them - but no one here carries them. Except in the Boye Needlemaster. I have one of those - *one* of those... I need to invest in a second set. :)
Next post - If I remember, that is - will be about shoes. Why not? I've written enough about socks


  • At 6:57 p.m., Blogger JoanK said…

    about the only thing missing in those photos of Lady Ashleigh is a plant waiting to be pulled down on your white shawl!!

    Looking great, though (both of them) and I loved the photos of Mica

  • At 8:51 a.m., Anonymous Anonymous said…

    The shawl is beautiful. Even nicer in person. You'll have to show a close-up of the beads. You know, I think Lady Ashleigh is trying to get the message to you that she wants a GIRL'S collar....PINK!! Blue is for boys. Pink is for girls, blue is for boys. After all, she IS royalty!!

  • At 1:21 a.m., Anonymous Anonymous said…

    OK, this is too strange...

    Your Ashleigh looks just like my Ashley-Boo and LOVED laying on my MS3 while I was working on it... I decided to do mine in a color that matched her fur since she is such a fur shed-monster. The matching cat fur to MS3 color helped so that I could knit the cat hair into the stole with no noticable difference between the two :-) (The stole was alpaca/silk/cat)

    Great blog!


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