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Thursday, October 25, 2007

An excuse

to share pictures....

I got the Kilimanjaro Kat shawl off the needles last night!!!!

This isn't the bestest picture, but you *can* tell it is off the needles, lol. :) I will admit, I still need to block it, and hope to do that tonight.

So, I took a picture of the border, and it didn't show up well, so I did a re-take on a darker background. I do like the kitties... they look to me like they are mountain climbing...

Ok, still on the light background, but this is a close up of one kitty....

And here is a picture of how I hemmed the shawl - from the back side. This is the sort of ridge thing I was trying to explain....
So - now on to the KALs for playing ketchup :)


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