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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Update of WIPs...

Even though I planned to do something completely different...

I have a story to tell. It is a long story, though. There are four parts to the story - and it won't work if I don't tell all four.

And today is Wednesday, and it is laundry day, and I already had company this morning, so I'm way behind.

So, instead of telling the story, I'll share some WIP photos, instead.
1. Week in the Life of a Knitter's Cat... There are 8 scarves, one for each day of the week, and one sampler using all seven of the other patterns. I started with the Monday scarf. It is a simple, mindless pattern - yet elegant looking. But, I only work on it when I need a mindless project - which means I haven't gotten very far....
Using On Line sock yarn in the Sierra colourway:
Probably will be taking this one to our local knit night get-together tonight.

2. Working on the Kilamanjaro Kat shawl - because it is done in the round, and it is large, I can't get a great picture. It's done in the style of Shetland Lace - that is, knit the center first, then knit a border around. The center is done in garter stitch, corner to corner, like a dishcloth, with cat's paws throughout. Then the border is stocking stitch, with cats around it... I'm about a quarter of the way into the border (which gets bigger as you knit...).

So - two pictures - the best I could do.... as far as taking the pics, anyway.... Until it is finished and off the needle....

3. Secret of Chrysopolis knit along - the group will be closing this Friday - the first clue is out, and the second clue will be posted shortly after the group closes. It is a German group, but there are lots of English speaking people there, posting, and the pattern clues are being posted in English as well as German. And already I'm loving this pattern - need to concentrate on it, but gorgeous and well worth it :)

This is not all of clue one - I'm knitting it fairly slowly - hard to concentrate sometimes... But it is really pretty....

4. (Interesting - my WIP's are a four part story, too!!) About to start the end of the week: The Secret of the Stole... this group is also closing at the end of the week. I have all my stuff ready to start, though:

The beads are SOOOOooooo pretty :)

I'm using laceweight yarn for this stole - Merino from Skacel - a gift from my sister. The stoles/shawls that are started are in my favourite shawl yarn, Briggs and Little Durasport. The Kat shawl is in "Oatmeal" - mind you, if someone put oatmeal in front of me that was grey, like this yarn, I don't think I'd ever eat it.... And the Chrysopolis is in "Bluejean" - which is really a blue with flecks of reddish in it. Giving it an almost purply overtone to a navy blue colour.... Very pretty.
So... That is where I'm up to. Project wise. Yes, I have socks on several sets of needles. Yes, they are in the "WIP pile" - aka in the living room. They haven't been relegated to the craft room - sure death for any WIP.... But they probably qualify for UFO status anyway. I mean, I am sort of tired of knitting socks - but I really want to finish them.... especially a pair I intended to give as a gift for Christmas... I may get back to them in time....Maybe. If not, her birthday is in June.
Here's another picture - see it? In the tree?
Ok, then, I'll make it easy - here's the cropped and zoomed in version....

A bald eagle :)

While I was trying to get a close picture of this one, a second one flew right in front of it... I got a few shots (not great ones, sadly) of the eagle that was flying - then this one flew off after the other one.... Here's one of the pics of the flying eagle.
Not great, but if you look really close, you *can* tell it is a bald eagle....
Ok - next post, I promise to tell the story. It is a story about my DH and one of his bad habits...


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