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Thursday, January 03, 2008

What's going on for 2008

Christmas season this year wasn't bad, but it wasn't exactly good, either...

I think I mentioned some of the vehicle trouble we had at the beginning of December...then there was a fiasco with getting my new dryer, then we had planned to tear up the carpet and put in laminate floor in the livingroom over Christmas time, since we'd both be on holidays, then we ended up getting a fridge, so the floor got delayed until the end...I'm writing to you from a nice clean tidy desk in a room that is full of boxes and furniture squashed to one end...

The floor is finished, but the restoration of the furniture and "stuff" to what passes for normal is going to be a slow process - I'll be working a lot for the next little bit, 'cause there is a sale going on...

Anyway - I also started knitting a sweater for DH - not to mention all the socks on needles that need to be found and finished (they are in boxes and bags around the room) and the lace that I need to finish, and the new lace KAL's that are starting now.... Need to find the yarn for them - also packed for the renovations....
BUT - I *can* share a couple pics:

The sweater back - I'm also almost half way up the front. Using Patons Decor, and the "Mock Turtleneck" pattern from Lionbrand.

And the dogs on the new floor :)
I'll try to keep up, and upload some more stuff tomorrow or the next day or so - but I'll be very busy trying to get my home back to normal, while working super hard (Ram is having their big sale starting today!)
Oh, and my son turns 30 today!!!!


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