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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Needle Review....

Well, I'm eating my words... I think. I have always stated that I love my Boye needles more than any other. I have tried some Bates brand needles and crochet hooks, and am not at all fond of them. I still own them, and occassionally use them - they come in different mm sizes than the Boyes, and sometimes that matters. I like the feel of the Crystallites hooks - haven't tried the needles yet but I'm getting tempted, seeing them at work all the time...

I have tried/own some "off brands" of knitting needles - plastic or plastic coated metal ones - usually sell outs from stores or whatever. Clearance, firesales, closeouts, promos, yardsales, etc. Some are good in a pinch, others make me wonder what the heck I`m hanging onto them for. I`ve tried some Lantern Moon needles - not bad, but I wouldn`t invest in more of them. I`ve tried Bryspuns - I am not too crazy about them. Way too flexible.

I have an addi turbo circular. I`m keeping it, and using it for a scarf (wonder if that is why it is taking me so long to knit the scarf?) but I don`t like it much and won`t buy more.

I started knitting a sock, for the 'Sockamania' group - joined it from Ravelry, and I`m having a problem trying to post to the blog for it, and I need to find time to clean up my sidebar here and include the link and all that - anyway, was starting a sock, and decided, just for fun, that I would give bamboo needles a shot. After all, I can`t really say anything one way or another about bamboo needles if I haven`t tried them. And, since I get a discount at work.... I bought a set of 2.75 mm bamboo needles, along with the yarn I`d need for the socks, and started them on my lunch break the other day. Well.... After lunch I had to buy another set of bamboos in 3.25 mm. Not because the 2.75 were wrong - but because I also plan to knit up a pair of heavier wool socks for DH, and need that size needle to do it.... In other words, I discovered that I *LOVE* the bamboo needles....

Yes, I still like my Boyes, but I think I might just be using a lot of bamboo needles in the near future... Might even pick up a bamboo circ for one of the lace shawl KAL`s starting in January....

Just to try it out, of course :)


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