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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Cuts into my time....

Boy oh boy... I'm sure having a lot of time cutters these days.

I mean, I know, lots of people have full time jobs, and still manage to keep up. Me? Well, I'm obsessive about so much, that I have way more than I can handle going on in my life. That, and the part where I didn't really expect to get a job...

I mean, I was fortunate in that getting a job was not a priority/mustdo/crucial type thing - we *could* manage - but having a part time job definitely takes a lot of pressure off. Like, we were able to keep bills paid, food in the fridge, etc. But if something came up - major vehicle repairs, etc., then it got hard.... Belts had to be tightened, adjustments made, etc. So, having this job had been great.

However, because it wasn't a priority - well, in some ways, I wasn't prepared. The house wasn't in "perfect" order. But, since it is a part time job, well - no big deal. I can work on it on my days off. Of course, I forgot to allow for other little things... like, shopping day. I was in a routine of going shopping on the same morning every week... no good if I worked that day. But that is ok, I'm flexible.... of course, if I only had a week's worth of groceries in the house, but was working three days in a row.... meant a few stops on the way home for "emergency supplies" until shopping day... which threw a bit of confusion into what I still needed to buy... Then, there is laundry day. Fortunately, planning to get a new dryer at about the same time as I started working helped - even though things didn't work out totally as planned - so that my work schedule and going to the laundramat don't clash. Again - if I need clean clothes to go to work - well, I can get them washed and dried in the early hours of the morning before I leave now.

What I'm trying to say, is, that I'm still working on making adjustments on efficient use of time!! I'm getting better at it...

Then, of course, was the general upheaval of getting the new fridge, and the new floor. And trying to get back to "normal" now that they are done.

So - I have to priorize my efforts and my time. I still like to get on the 'puter in the mornings...check my email, check Ravelry (which seems to be slowing down some, so that helps), and sadly, the blog is suffering...

Updates: I am almost finished knitting the sweater for DH. Well, technically, I'm finished knitting it - have one more seam to do. The long ones - the sleeves are in place, now I do the side seam, which also extends along the sleeve...

I started knitting a vest for me. As well as started a poncho for me. I also have the socks to get finished.... And the patterns to write up. In fact, that is really what I should be doing today. Typing out a sock pattern. or two... and writing up a "lesson plan" for a workshop. Need to get that info done quick, so it can be scheduled in.

Maybe I'll do that tomorrow...

I've also knitted some scarves. Dh has had to get rides home from work from a friend, on the days when I work. This person mentioned getting cold while riding his power toboggan ("Skidoo") across the lake for ice fishing. DH suggested that he ask me to make him a scarf instead of trying to buy one.... (don't you just love it when you are volunteered for stuff? LOL - not that I mind - he's a friend, and he is doing us a favour giving DH the rides home)

So, I made him a scarf. He loves it... in fact, his wife mentioned that she gets cold out on the lake, too... So, I made her one, too. And, since I've been thinking about replacing my long scarf, I bought yarn to make scarves for DH and I. Well, Dh needs to keep warm when he is out with the snow blower in the yard... lol....

I didn't take pics of the gift scarves, but will take pics of the ones I make for family. I'm using the same colours and pattern.

What else? The pattern diet. I'm not doing too badly. I'm thinking twice about the patterns I see that I like for free on the net. I did save some. I also went through the folder I stored them in, and looked again - after a "cooling off" period. Deleted a few. Also, I've been trying to go through the ones I've saved in the past. Deleted some of them, too.

Bought one book from work - a little book, called "Vogue Knitting On The Go" - they are a series - "Shawls". Couldn't resist... there was a pattern for a sheep shawl. Some other interesting ones, too....

Cat patterns are exempt, so I needn't tell you about those ones. .

Because of the scarves (pattern for those arrived in my house in December, btw - I was thinking about maybe using the pattern for gifts for next year anyway) I didn't get as much other knitting (stash or UFO type) done as I would have liked. Which explains why it is taking me so long to knit the sweater. I've made the sweater before, and the last time, it only took me a few days. Then again, I wasn't working, and the house wasn't quite such a disaster....

So, anyway - that's an update for now. I'm not working as many days in February, so I should be able to get things caught up some around here. Both on the house, and on the blog!! But for today - I'm indulging myself. It's my birffday :)


  • At 9:05 a.m., Anonymous WPGGAL said…

    Happy Birthday again, sent you a card, but didn't hear back from you. Did you get it? Anyways, Hope your day was terrific. You could show us the cat patterns you know!!

  • At 10:27 a.m., Anonymous WPGGAL said…

    Happy Birthday, hope you had a good day! You can still show us the cat patterns, you know!!

  • At 3:00 p.m., Blogger Kat said…

    Happy birthday (really late!)!!!

    I hope you rewarded yourself with some wonderful yarns from your place of employment. :-)

    There's a little something on my blog for you.


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