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Monday, March 24, 2008

Months go by....

Faster than you realize....
I didn't think it had been that long. BUT - I've gotten things caught up somewhat, so I can get back to a routine. Or, create a new one is a better way to say it.
I have been knitting, though not taking pictures. I don't have progress pics on a couple things - one because I wasn't sure where I was going to post it, and another because it worked up a bit too fast....

I have been working on a vest. The pattern came from; a use-up-your-scraps type project. It was perfect for what I'd been wanting - I needed something to keep my back warm some days at work, because I found that if I was in a particular place in the store, the opening and closing of the door caused a nasty chill on my back. I don't like to wear cardigans much, and I didn't really want a sweater as such... I also wanted an opportunity to try out some new yarns we'd gotten in. So, I made the vest - perfect, because I could make it in a few different yarn colours and types, and it would be functional. I only forgot about one tiny detail.....

There were about a million ends to weave in. :(

Anyway - here's a picture of the (nearly) finished vest :

Oh, sorry - an example of another reason I don't take many pictures.... I have a couple of kitties who see a camera and decide they need to pose....

I mentioned the vest is "nearly" finished - what the picture doesn't show is that there are still 28 ends to be woven in before I can wear it... but hopefully, I will have it done in a couple days :)

Besides that one, I need to fix a mitten thumb (before tomorrow!) in a mitten that I made - oh, two years ago? two winters, for sure... I posted pics here of it - the paw print mittens I made for a friend's daughter. She wore out the thumb, and she so loves the mittens...

I also knitted a tote bag. A felted tote bag.... I finally felted something. I made the tote bag from the book, "Kitty Knits" by Donna Druchunas. I didn't take a before picture. I still haven't taken an "after" picture, for that matter... but I did knit and felt it. I like it... I like all the projects in that book. I plan to make everything in it.

I'm progressing on the poncho, too. And I started another sweater. A cardigan - I know, I don't like cardigans much, but this one has kitties on it.

I'll try to get busy taking more pictures, and posting them, real soon. But that is it for now - need to do some grocery shopping :)


  • At 1:46 p.m., Blogger Kat said…

    The vest (and the kitty!) looks great!

    I can't wait to see the bag. (hint hint!)


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