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Monday, April 28, 2008

Why it takes me forever

to do things like laundry. I mean, there are only two of us. We don't really generate a lot of laundry. Yet, it is an all day job. As in, I get up at 5:30 am. I usually have the first load well on its way to being washed by 6:30 am. The process of washing takes about forty minutes per load. Wash, rinse, spin, safety lock that keeps one from opening the machine for several minutes after spin stops (boy if I could figure out how to bypass that one....) etc. Even when I was using the laundramat, which didn't even open that early, I was washing then... Anyway - into the dryer...second load in - - - then sorting folding puttingaway.... Should be done by - oh, what, 9? 9:30 at the latest? Easily. I've even managed to do it once or twice. But, the "norm" around here, is that late into the afternoon, I'm still working on the laundry.

Why? Am I that lazy? Do I procrastinate that much? Do I really hate doing the laundry that much? (well, yeah, it ranks among my lesser favourites of the household routines, but not so that I'd put it off and prolong the agony). No, the real problem lies in my two lovely helpers.

I don't have pictures of all their help. Sometimes, they need to inspect the washing machine inside and out before I load clothes. Then, the dryer needs a thorough checking, just in case there are mice inside, I'm guessing.... Of course, piles of clothes in laundry baskets make great napping spots. Folded or unfolded, doesn't much matter - though folded can quickly become unfolded....
Of course, there is also the putting away in drawers. Mica is most annoying when I'm trying to put things away - or when I'm getting dressed. For some reason, she has always been fascinated with the drawers and what is under/behind/in them. I've purposely "trapped" her in drawers, thinking this would be enough to scare her away from trying it again... NOPE. She particular loved that... Seems that she is capable of winding in and out of any drawer, open or closed. The one I'd "trapped" her in - she wasn't in it for long. I had to open each drawer in turn, trying to find her. I was surprised to find her content to start a nap in one of the shallowest ones. How she got in, or managed to stay comfy in it while I was opening and closing - I'll never know.

All I know is, that I have to time the chores very carefully - when she is napping elsewhere, or I have to work quickly (resulting in folded clothes sometimes unfolding and being shoved into a drawer which then gets slammed shut fast) or I have to try to keep the bedroom door closed (hah - that won't stop Mica the wonder cat who can open doors!). Then, of course, there is Ashleigh - who isn't quite the pest that Mica is, though Ash loves closets .... linen closets, clothes closets, cupboards....
They also like to help me knit....However, I have managed, despite there efforts, to nearly finish the Patagonia Jacket (from Mission Falls Decade).
Sorry about the shadow across the one sleeve.... I sewed in the sleeve shoulder seam... set in sleeves. I wove in all the ends on the jacket, so it would be ready for side seaming. Then, I figured I could work on the ends on the last sleeve after it was set in, so that I wouldn't have to get bored or frustrated at all the endweaving at once....

Discovered.... I haven't yet woven *any* ends on the second sleeve... :(

I need to at least do some of them, so they don't interfere with my seaming.... :(

Oh, well....

So - those bright (well, ok, pastel) coloured things on the sides of the sleeves? Those are clips- I think for hair, though I don't know how to make them work for hair - sort of like spring clothespins, with teeth. I use them to hold together the parts of knitting (or crocheting, if needed) so I can sew them together. Less painful than pins :) And easy to obtain. From dollar stores....

Even though I haven't finished this one, and even though I was planning to make another sweater from Decade as my next start (Yes, I know, Casablanca is the next start, really - but I have multiple projects all the time...need different things for different mood swings, different things that can be worked on despite the helpers, some things have to be kept fur-free, others don't matter so much), I started the Aran Sweater from Debbie Bliss Coastlines book. I mean, I need some lighter cotton sweaters for the summer, right? I mean, at home, if it is cooler, I just wear one of my kitty sweatshirts. Doesn't matter if it is one of the older around the house ones, or one that is a colour that isn't so flattering to me... But now that I work, and need to dress a little more carefully....

Anyway - here's how far I am. This is NOT a mindless TV watching project, nor is it particularly portable...So it will be slow moving.
I've also progressed on the kitty scarf:

So... That is about where I'm at. Need to do some pen-and-paper stuff for Casablanca, as well as a bit of math for the afghan. I also started the socks, but didn't take a picture of them yet. They will be the mindless project for a bit, though they should be kept fur minimum. I don't really have any mindless catable projects.... weaving in ends and seaming can't be done with a cat in the lap - I tried it. Didn't work. Too many flippy yarn tails.... too many claws... too many tender legs.....

Hm. Guess I should start another sweater..... Oh!!! And I need to figure out a pattern to use for a new curtain for my door!!! I know I once shared a picture of the crocheted window cover I did for my front door. I am going to knit a new one, though. I guess, if I can't decide, I could crochet another one.... but I bought new yarn. Why? Well, the current/old one is blue, and our new drapes for our living room are brown.... the new yarn is brown....

Ok, well...enough rambling for now. Need to get on with my day - have some more email/puter stuff to finish off, then get on with shopping day!!!!


  • At 2:13 p.m., Blogger Michelle said…

    I hate that automatic locking feature on my washer -- and if it stops working, the washer won't wash. We just spent three months getting ours fixed.

    I signed up for Casablanca yesterday -- please hurry up with it so you can get started on African Queen! Casablanca sounds intriguing, but I haven't seen the movie. African Queen makes my heart go pitty-pat and start imagining what the lace patterns might be.

  • At 2:13 p.m., Blogger Daisy mum said…

    I love the jacket and your cats.


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