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Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Just sayin' hello....

I'm almost finished the sleeves on my Patagonia Jacket. The one from the Mission Falls book, Decade. The one that has kitties on it, so I'm safe with it.

Then, I'll be designing a new shawl, for a knitalong. Mystery style...though the theme/title of the shawl is Casablanca, and it is no mystery that the movie will influence the pattern, but that influence is a mystery for now, as is the entire pattern. It will be given out as parts, "clues" if you will... Go on over to Yahoo Groups and search for Casablanca if you are interested in joining up :)

That also doesn't exactly break the pattern diet. In a way, it does, but in a way, it doesn't. One of the things I wanted to accomplish was getting the ideas out of my head and onto needles/hooks/paper. Mind you, this one only appeared in my head this year, so it kind of breaks the pattern diet.

So did my buying a Debbie Bliss book.... When we got the book "Coastlines" in at the store, I looked at it (to familiarize myself so I can let customers know about it!) and immediately fell in love with several tops. I managed, though, to avoid succombing and buying it. I finally managed to convince myself I didn't need it. Until we had an "open house" at the store. Several sample garments arrived at the store for display - some done by our contract knitters, some provided by yarn companies/distributors. Several were from Coastlines. Do I really have to finish this story?

Monday, I came home from work with the book, and the yarn to make four tops from the book. I didn't buy the yarn for the fifth one yet. I'm not exactly sure I want to make it - I love it. I'm just not sure that my old body is the right type for the style of top....

Pictures will be provided as they become available... Let me finish my committments first. No, I didn't say I need to be committed, I said my committments....

1. Pair of socks commissioned by friend - should do them by end May.
2. get pattern written up for other pair of socks, that were made ages ago.
3. afghan for dgd3's bd in July
4. Casablanca prototype knit etc.
5. Finish kitty sweater
6. Finish growing UFO pile
7. Knit way through Kitty Knits book
8. Stop starting new things!!!!! Go back on pattern diet.....


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