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Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Doesn't run in our family. I think that I have it all....

Seriously, though ---

First, I forgot!! I was going to take pictures of the sweater I'm working on. The purple one. I'm well on the way to being done the fronts - knitting them both at the same time. I've only had a couple tinking issues - so busy chanting in my head to remember the increase or decrease shaping at the edges, that I sometimes had done too many of them (only needed on the sides, did them in the center...*DOH*) Anyway - I would run do it now, except that today is hair day, laundry day, and I am limited to my time; also today was a day when the 'puter did some automatic update thingies that result in a stoopid message that I need to restart the computer for the updates to take effect "do you want to restart now or later?" thing - I really do NOT want to interrupt what I"m working on to restart the thing now... so, I don't want to be away from it too long, 'cause if I don't hit the later button, it will shut down on me...

So - you'll just have to wait for pics. I'm almost done the fronts - then I will do the sleeves two together, then it will be the finishing stuff. Picking up the collar and button band, sewing seams, etc.

Then, I'm anxious to start another sweater... as well as get some other KAL's caught up, as well as I have been commissioned to knit a pair of socks (hope to be done them by endish of May - should be able to, since it is just a "plain vanilla" pattern), I must crochet a blanket for the littlest grandkid for her July b-d. Then there is the pattern for the socks that I have to write up (and knit the second sock!), as well as I have another sock pattern rattling around in my head that needs to be prototyped up.

Amonst all of that, I still haven't finished putting the house together since doing the livingroom floor (and bought some new appliances, some new kitchen furnishings) not to mention, working part time, and now that it is spring, there are outside things to do, and it will soon be time to start going to the cabin again (going to be hard to do that, it was always Spud's favourite thing to do - "go camping"...)

So, anyway... In the midst of all those things vying for my time, what do I go and do?

I mean, really, not that I can stop the creative processes from happening inside my brain.

And, one thing led to another... I have now got in my head plans for Maltese Falcon, and the beginnings of African Queen. I've also searched out other Bogart movies, and discovered there are a few that have potential....

Oh, if only I had a few extra hands, and unlimited free time... I could easily do Maltese Falcon concurrently with Casablanca, since I've pretty much formed a picture of it in my head already.... Casablanca needs a bit more work to be ready for needles (which is fine, since I need to wait on delivery of yarn for it) but if I had yarn, Falcon would be ready to prototype...


I guess I just publically announced a series of patterns, didn't I?

Like I said at the start...Insanity doesn't run in the family, it just walks around with me....


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