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Monday, October 20, 2008


Ok, so I was trying to resize some pictures to share.

I couldn't find some... Realized that while I was clearing some shots from our camera, I deleted a bunch that I hadn't downloaded yet... *DOH*

SO - I don't have all the cute pics of the kitties on their blankies... :(

I still haven't resized all of them, either. Had some program issues. Seems my virus protector thing is interfering with some of the programs I use.... Shuts them down all the time....

Anyway... what I do have is Ashleigh, aka the blanket hog, on Mica's blankie. Mica "claimed" this blankie while I was knitting on it - I made Bear's blanket first, and he seems to really like it. He actually uses it. When I first put it down, Ash immediately spread herself out across the middle of it, so he couldn't use it. As soon as she got off, though, he claimed it. Next time I looked, Mica was on one side of it, curled up. But at least SHE left room for Bear!! I did once have a picture of them sharing the blanket... :(

So, anyway - I made two smaller blankets for the kitties, knitting both at once on a circular (that way, I couldn't be accused of picking favourites by making one blanket before the other). While I was knitting, Mica favoured one colour of yarn over the other - she would nuzzle it, purr at it, rub it....So, it was "claimed". Of course, though, Ash had to test it out... so, here is a pic of Ash on Mica's blanket. (Ash did settle onto her own blanket, too - another pic that I lost....)

Other things... well, I forgot to mention, that among the crafty things I've done over the summer was make three cloths... two dish type, trying out (finally) the "new" Bernat Handicrafter Cotton Twists, and one face cloth with regular Handicrafter. The only difference between a face cloth and a dish cloth, in my opinion, is what room I use them in. Oh, and colour, maybe pattern....

I also made some wrist warmers.

And I'm working on a baby gift... A very close friend of mine is going to be a grandma soon. First time... so I'm working on some special gifties.... Hard to choose what to make, lol... I think I'm a little late at being ready to make baby stuff... Oh, well - I'm sure there will be more babies to knit for. No more of my own grandkids, I hope - four is enough!!! But there will be other babies, other gifts, maybe even some great-grandkids one day. Working in a yarn store, I'm exposed to a lot of cute patterns, and luscious baby yarns....

So - I'll try to get some pics resized, and post them later this week. And I'll likely take another walk down blog-memory lane :)


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