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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Anger takes precedence

*Sigh*.... Anger. It can be both a good thing and a bad thing. Good, if it is focussed in one direction and gets people up and moving and doing something instead of becoming complacent and apathetic.

Bad if it lashes out in all sorts of directions, and accomplishes nothing except damage.

I like to think that mostly, last week's anger was the good focussed kind. Like I mentioned, I have paint chips all properly selected and organized and ready to run back to the store and get paint.... However, the lingering anger caused me to forget to blog yesterday about the bright spot in the week....

Sunday I went to Cats. :) I LOVED it. Can't say enough good things.... Can't get some tunes out of my head, either, lol... Not that it is a bad thing, these tunes. But yeah, I got them roaming around inside.... :) Wish I could remember *all* the words, so I don't have to have the same phrases/phrains of tune going through over and over, kind of like a record with a skip in it (anyone too young to remember that??)

I have a VHS tape of Cats. I know I watched it once. (would watch over and over if I still had a tape machine/TV that worked decently). But to see it in person - So much better!!!! Get to look where you want to look, not where the director/cameramen think you should look. Though, it is tough to pay attention to everything going on, on stage, at once. Sometimes, during certain parts, some of the Cats were sitting off from the main focus, but still being catlike - scratching an ear, rubbing/grooming a companion - And I'm so impressed with the dancers. Flowing, fluid movement - very catlike. And even though I've read "Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats", somehow, hearing it changes the nuances - hadn't realized just how cat-like some of those stories are.... Many bits reminded me of bits of life around our house - I saw/heard Roxy, Mica, Bone, Ashleigh, among others....

All in all a thoroughly great time, and Yes, I would go again to see it. I`m not sure how many years since it was in our city last, but for sure, if or when it comes back, I`ll be there.

Speaking of my kitties - I have to be quicker on the reactions to grab our camera. I need to get a picture or movie of something that has been going on for a while, but I have only recently begun to be aware of. DH says he's seen it before....

Ashleigh climbs up to the counter, and digs around, until she finds the box of Milkbones. She reaches in, either with paw or mouth, and pulls out a dog treat. Picks it up with her teeth, and takes it down to the floor, where she starts trying to eat it. Bear gets the funniest looks on his face - confusion, interest, uncertainty.... Then he approaches.... sneaks up, sticks his long nose in from the side, and takes the dog treat. Ashleigh looks up, trots over to where Bear is crunching away on the Milkbone, and tries to catch the crumbs and bits that fall out of Bear's mouth.

When the treat is done, the process often repeats - Bear ends up with two dog treats, and Ashleigh ends up with a chunk or two....

What makes this especially humourous, is the fact that if I offer Bear a Milkbone, he is not interested in it. He'll take it, sometimes, and drop it on the floor. He'll only eat it if the cats are interested in it....

Now, Dog Cookies are another matter all together! There is a store brand dog cookie, not dog biscuit, that Bear really does like. They come in carob chip, peanut butter, vanilla wafer, and banana biscotti. He'll really gobble any one of those up!! Bear also likes the soft chewy type- 'Beggin' Strips' for example...

Anyway - must get off the 'puter now - I work today..... :)


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