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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Happy Dancing

Happy dances, then ecstatic dancing, then happy dancing....

First of all, the happy/ecstatic dancing was tempered a little, when I heard that one of my favourite authors passed away. Michael Crichton apparently had been battling cancer for many years and didn't tell anyone.... (public, at least)

I always enjoyed his books.... He will be missed.

Why happy dancing? Well..... Last week, on the news program I watch, during the entertainment segment, it was mentioned that Cats (the Musical) was coming to our city. I told DH that I was going - then asked if he wanted to come with me. He said yes... Of course, it turned out, that tickets weren't going on sale for a week (this past Monday) so I had to wait... all excited like, of course.

Anyway - we now have tickets - which of course is what elevated the happy to ecstatic dancing, lol....

December of '05, I attempted to design a knitted afghan based on a crochet afghan design. It never got very far.... Became a UFO, even. I will probably finish it one day, but as for writing and sharing the pattern.... well, I don't know. Don't want to promise anything....

I also blogged about some urban wildlife that month. I do live in a city, but I'm close to an airport (wide open field space), relatively close to a river, some creeks that drain into the river, and really, not *that* far from the outskirts of the city - relatively speaking. (especially with the airport - on the "other side" of that, there isn't too much city left...) So, it isn't unusual for deer sitings (especially driving DH to work, as he works on the "other side" of the airport...); rabbits seem to be in abundance; where I work, there is a field across the street (community center, football is often played there) so we often see hares bouncing around. We also had a family of prairie chickens in the bushes and under the trees in front of the store this past summer. Now, it is migrating geese in the field....

I see I went shopping for yarn - and boufht some alpaca to make a scarf. Long ago finished the scarf. Intended to make for DH, but I think I've borrowed it a few times since then... lol. He has worn it, too... but he isn't a scarf wearer much anyway.

Mentioned my kitty helpers - they still help me to do just about everything. Always need to be right in the middle of things. I know, everyone says that I'll miss their kitten antics when the grow up and become sedate cats... If that ever happens, I'll be honest and let you know if I miss the antics. But so far, at three and four years old, they aren't showing too many signs of slowing down....

Um, Christmas tree adventures... Yeah, they haven't grown out of that yet... Maybe this year.... I mean, after all, I've successfully brought in some flowers. Ok, Ashleigh eats plants. She also loves to eat lettuce, too. Mica likes green onions. Then, of course, there is the general mischeif - knocking things over. BUT - (gee, maybe they *are* growing up) this year, I really wanted to try to save some geraniums I had growing outside this summer. And a fuschia plant. I brought them into the house... So far, so good. They are surviving and thriving. The cats have checked out the plants, but don't seem interested in damaging them. :) Oh, and also in the same post, I talked about my son and sewing ability. Can't recall exactly why it came up yesterday morning, but the grandkids has asked me if I could sew as well as knit... (I'm teaching them all to knit right now - more happy dancing, 'cause they are enjoying it, and "getting" it, too). Anyway, the boy was talking about how his daddy sews. But his mom doesn't. Just daddy.

I listed some WIP's.... I see that some of them are finished, most are UFO's, though. A couple are going to be abandoned... Like, the baby poncho. I was making it for Nikoal, who is now three... I also got Nikolis's age wrong - I said that in '05 he was going to be five years old. Not true - he is a year younger than Katherine, and she was born in 2000. So... he will be 7 this coming December. I still haven't finished the quilt I was making for him back then.

Speaking of finished items - I'm almost finished a Lopi sweater that I'm making for me. I started it a couple weeks ago - working on it when I could, especially the colour changing part not being portable or worth getting into if I didn't have a lot of time all at once. I haven't really worked on it for the last two days, either. So, really - when you add up the time spent on it, I got it done fairly quickly... Anyway - I need to weave in the ends, and graft the underarm parts. :) Then I'll have me a nice warm sweater :) I tend to make these sorts of sweaters for other people, never for myself... this one is for me!!!!

Company Christmas party report - Haven't heard where this year's will be, but it will be the weekend after Cats.

My next post was a bit depressing sounding.... I wasn't in a good place, I guess. I was lamenting life... Even though it should have been all sorts of happy reports - Christmas was coming, we were going on the trip... I guess I was just stressed, or tired, or something... I'm generally much happier now... :) I mentioned maybe wanting a new electric fry pan for a gift... didn't get one that year, but I did last year. I like the new one... nice and big. Instead of the old style square, this one is a rectangle, and deep. I use it often.... I do enjoy kitchen gadgets and appliances. Can't recall if I ever blogged about that before - likely did, at some point, lol. I might even blog about it again.... especially closer to Christmas (either before or after - depending on when I reveal my gift this year, lol)

And finally, I talked about my gifts of that year - didn't realize we'd had the printer that long - still a great printer, works fine (except when it runs out of ink, lol... ). And I see that I never got around to removing the weather blog things. Oh, well - won't hurt to leave them there. :)

Ok, next post -will be about current events - have an online store to recommend that I dealt with recently.... Will try to take pictures and get them uploaded etc. Current projects and stuff.

Going off to do some more happy Cats dancing now, LOL....


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