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Friday, December 19, 2008

Some finishes

Ok, so I got a major pita project done. Only pita because it was on a timeline, and I don't like pressure when I knit or crochet or whatever. I enjoy the process, more than the product. But, life being what it is, I know that sometimes, we must face deadlines. So, I was making some WWII era wrist warmer things for our local museum. I will take a picture before I turn them over. I just haven`t done that yet (getting lazy on the picture taking, I know).

My other completed project (also no picture - especially dumb because I should have done a before picture - oh, well...) is a felted tote bag. If you want to see it sooner than me getting a picture up - it is in the Fall `08 Knitters Magazine, called 'Ripple Me This'. Turned out quite lovely!!!

So, I finished the two main projects that I`ve been working on, and suddenly, don`t know what to do next! I will, of course, go back to working on a baby blanket for a baby due in March. Gives me two months to knit it... I think I`m going to rip it back, and start it over, though. See, it is really a small blanket, pram cover style, not a good ol' wrap 'em up snuggly warm thing... and, since it turned out that the mom-to-be had to go in for an ultrasound because they thought she might be having twins... well, I am a little concerned that it will be a big baby... I know, I know - the extra might not be all baby, it could be water, fluid, etc. etc. But I would rather be safe than sorry. Besides, it turns out that the yarn I am using is a discontinued colour. :( I am using a pattern that has a blanket, matching sweater and pants, and hat. I was thinking about doing the whole set. So, I bought extra yarn.... then, when I tried to get more, turned out it was discontinued. I have enough yarn to make the blanket as is, and the hat, and the pants. But not the sweater. I don't have enough for the sweater and blanket as is, and the grandma to be specifically wanted to have the hat as well as the blanket.... so - I might as well use the extra yarn to make a bigger blanket.

And I found another suitable pattern for another sweater and pant set, that I can do instead. :)

Since I've decided that I really want to stop buying lots and lots of yarn, and since I have lots and lots of UFO's, I am going to try to restrain myself, and get some of those projects done. I just don't know which one to start working on next....

Ok, so I have the baby blanket to do; a pair of bamboo yarn socks for DH; I need some warm mittens or gloves for this winter; I need a replacement scarf 'cause I'm sick of the one I have (don't have yarn for this yet, though); and I have a request to make a hat for a co-worker of DH. That is a small project - shouldn't take more than a couple days.... (famous last words, right?)

Maybe I'll just go sort out the mess around my chair, and see what UFO's are hanging around waiting for me.... :)

I know, I should be getting ready to paint. But life reared its ugly head, and I might not be getting any painting done for a while yet. Not happy about that at all. But sometimes, no matter what, there are some things you cannot control. But I still have some basement clearing to do... that is one I am NOT backing down on. Not that I am backing down on the paint, just delaying it, but the dryer - I am NOT backing down on one bit. I still have way too much anger, that gets refreshed every Wednesday....


  • At 2:07 p.m., Anonymous WPGGAL said…

    Isn't is amazing how times flies. I remember your last years resolution, do you? Are you going to do that again this year??? TEEHEE!!!!!


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