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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

So, I was asked....

What sort of New Year's resolution I am making this year.

Last year was a pattern diet - didn't last long at all. (side note: I'm using Foxfire instead of Internet Explorer for a while - just because. It automatically does spell check for me - and for some reason, it is indicating that there is a problem with the word, "didn't".)

Anyway - pattern diet did not work. I started out all right; thought twice about what patterns to save. Started going through folders and saved files, deleting some that I really didn't need to keep. But new books and pattern leaflets at work... finding ones while familiarizing myself with our stock... *sigh*. BUT - I do think I've reached a certain saturation point. I'm beginning to see the same patterns over and over, with simple colour changes, or basic stitch pattern changes. So, I have invested in a few "stitionaries" and a few basic "how to" books. Yes, I have a ton of knitting experience, and a half-ton of crochet experience; but I'm not so arrogant as to believe that I know it all or can't learn something new. I'm doing a crochet afghan right now, using "granny" type motifs (for those of you who follow the Annie's Attic Free Pattern of the day, it was last Saturday's cat afghan) to make like patchwork squares. For the first round, the join isn't done by chaining, but with an hdc. Now, why on earth no one thought of that before, I really don't know.... But I think I'll try to remember and use it from now on... Makes a much neater beginning to the next round. See what I mean? I can always learn something new.

On the "what's on my needles/hooks/etc" note: I'm working actively on a baby blanket (don't want to talk about how many times I've started it); a sweater for same baby, but will be for 1 yr size; going to start a sweater/pants outfit, 6 mth size for same baby - friend's first grandkid due in March. Have recently finished (knit in a day and a half over Christmas Day) a hat for co-worker of DH by request. Last winter, or maybe the one before, I shared a pic of the hat I made for DH, black with grey stripes. Same hat, same stripes, different yarn.... I'm also going to start cleaning up current projects - meaning ones I've started or bought all the yarn ready to make.

Which brings me to this year's resolution: I'm going to focus on MAINTENANCE. Maintaining what I already have. In all areas of my life. House work (which I've done so little of, since being angry about the condition of the house itself); house "maintenance" - the kind like the painting and repairing of what needs doing; craft projects already started; junk collected; computer files bursting at the seams; etc. I'm going to seriously see about what all I have, what I really need, what I don't need- and get rid of the excess/worn out/old/broken/outdated/outlived/etc.

I mean, really.... I'm approaching my fiftieth birthday. Not a bad thing - I think it is great that I've made it this far :) BUT - the reality is, I have a limited time left. My whole life is behind me, not ahead of me anymore, lol.... NO, I don't mean that in the depressed depressing pessimistic way - I mean it in the reality way. I'm thinking "bucket list". I'm thinking, I want to LIVE the rest of my life - not be held back by outlived outdated dreams that really won't enhance my life anymore. One of the weirdest, least sensible things: You buy something, but can't get rid of it, even though it has outlived its usefullness to you. BUT - you have no problem throwing out that tube of toothpaste that is empty, the worn out whatever... Ok, not greatest examples, but I'm suddenly blanking here.... Anyway - if something is not "used up", you can't seem to get rid of it, even though you'll never use it again. Fine, if it is still useable by someone, give it to a thrift store or something... but don't keep it "just because". Like, for example, I needed something that will help me carry/tote things from point A to point B. So, I bought some really cheap (they won't last long, really) laundry baskets from the dollar store. They will have a purpose - while I'm working on this maintenance thing, they'll help me lift and carry. Then, I can get rid of them, because they will have served their purpose to me. Why can't I get rid of other stuff that has outlived their purpose? Because they cost money.... that really is why. I've had that ingrained in me for so long - DON"T WASTE MONEY - that it is the hardest one to fight back. But - I can do it with the dryer (don't care what it cost, it isn't worth the pain it causes)* so I can do it with other stuff. If it doesn't bring me pleasure anymore, out it goes. I've learned that one about the knitting (and crocheting etc.) too... I used to feel really down if I messed up a project and had to rip it out - felt like a big waste of time, etc. Now, though - I can rip pretty much anything out, with an "Oh, well - it wasn't working this way". I can restart any project, knowing that the first time was a "learning experience". (no, I'm still not saying how many times I started the blanket. LOL)

*New dryer is coming on Saturday. I'm spending the rest of this week making space in my basement for it to be delivered. I work Saturday, but that's OK. I could have had it delivered today, but we bought it Sunday, and I worked yesterday. No where near enough time to move things around!! Oh, and the new one has all sorts of better features. I am going to like it. Still has a stupid cool down cycle (clothes coming from the dryer should be warm and fluffy, not stiff and ice cubey.) ("didn't" isn't acceptable, but "cubey" is???)

Oh, well - I still know I'll like it much better than the junk that I'll have to use one more time....

I almost signed off, then remembered - I was thinking about a no prize contest... sort of a guessing game.... See, I had this experience at a book store. I went in to browse, pick up some magazines, and maybe buy one of the books on my wishlist. Well, there used to be terminals, and you could access your wishlist from the terminals. Turns out, the new upgraded terminals you can't get to your wishlist anymore. So, I wracked my memory, trying to remember what was on it. A different book popped into my head. I checked - not in stock, but available to order.... Several different options.... three possibilities: All trade paperback. One was $9.50, one $10.50, and one $11.50. Ok, why the difference??? So, I hunted up a clerk to ask. She pointed out the 9.50 one was a children's publisher. Otherwise, couldn't tell me any othe reason. I mentioned that I likely would stay away from the children version, lest it be an abridged version, I wanted to be sure to get unabridged. Well, she said, "What does that mean, "unabridged"? I've never heard of that before".

Keep in mind, she works at a bookstore....

So, I explained it to her. During this explanation, I made reference to Jules Verne's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. I could tell by the look on her face, that she may not even be familiar with that author and/or title....

She *does* work in a bookstore.....

Anyway - I ordered the book, and as I was leaving the store, I was just through the door, when the title of the book I wanted next from my wish list finally popped into my head!!!

So - the "contest" guessing game.... Leave a comment on this post, guessing which book I thought of in the store.... I'll give you one more hint (besides trade paperback, could be a kid's book) it is something that has been on my mind of late....

So, that is likely my last post for this year. Next year, I'll be continueing my retrospective of my blog by the month.... and I'll try to get posting pictures - I owe a few, and I really need to update my photo album, and update my Ravelry stuff.... (am I the only one who's over the "honeymoon" with Ravelry? I mean, I still like it, and will still use it, but I find I spend way less time there than I did....)

So - that's it for '08. May all my readers (all two of you??? Nah, I know there are more!) Have a Prosperous and Peaceful 2009.


  • At 9:26 a.m., Anonymous WPGGAL said…

    Happy New Year to you too!! I hope this year you can stick to your resolution........we'll see;)
    You set yourself some ridiculously high expectations.
    Reader #1

  • At 6:49 a.m., Blogger JaneB said…

    Came across your site from HBT. I am in a perpetual state of trying to declutter so I know how you feel.

    Book guessing....well the age thing made me think of Peter I close?

    Take care and don't stress the small stuff in the end none of it matters.


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