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Friday, July 02, 2010

Found 'em

Ok. Pictures.

First, the baby gift.... you may remember that last year, my dear friend was going to be a grandma for the first time in March. Well, the baby was born, and I had managed to complete a baby blanket and matching hat. Didn't take pictures - remember, when doing baby gifts, my priority is to finish, wash and wrap. BUT - I did manage to get a picture of the baby wearing the hat at the shower (yes, she put it on him immediately!! Talk about a compliment)The blanket and hat were a hit; so much so, that now that another grandchild is in the works, there has been a request for another blanket!!
While wandering through the pictures, I realized that I really haven't finished too many things after all. I did make a small cable purse/evening bag thing for the store. But never got the pattern written properly. Also, I have knitted a new design - a shawl, that I did write the pattern for. Just need to finish weaving in the ends, and I'll figure out what I'll do with the pattern (likely free, but we'll see... I just need to decide where to post it).

I have started lots of items, though :)
One of my other finishes... Ok, to start at the beginning. My gs has become a football player. Last summer he proudly showed me his uniform. He loves football - and is fantastic at it. A natural, in my humble opinion. At the end of last season, Hallowe'en weekend, the kids all got to play at our "professional" team's stadium. For the younger kids, it was more like an exhibition game; participation more than scoring...That's my gs, on the left, wearing a light coloured jacket, talking to one of the coaches. On the right, behind the pole, is my ds, also a coach. You will notice, that gs seems to be pretty much the smallest guy on the team. Yet, he was playing defence. And.... I was amazed - most of the other kids looked like they were running around, looking to tackle whoever.... GS kept his eyes on the ball. Really - while everyone else was running around, trying to block the guy who *had* the ball, GS was breaking out, going after whoever had caught the ball, and tackling them. He had this little thing - he would do a little kind of leap-jump thing, and hit the guy high, knocking him over. :) He was usually responsible for the other team getting few or no yards :) Sometimes, he even tackled them behind the line of scrimmage!! :) Ok, so I finally sound like a proud grandma, right? :)
Anyway, between the evening when he showed off his uniform, and the final games, I found a crochet magazine (sorry, forget exactly which, think it may have been Crochet World) with a soccer ball and a football pattern. Guess which I made? :)
Well, that`s about all the update you`re going to get for a few days. Yes, it is summer, and the first Saturday I haven`t had to work in well over a year. So, I`ll be heading out to the cabin... We leave tonight, and will be back sometime on Monday. I don`t know if I`ll be too tired to post then, but for sure, next week, you`ll hear from me some more. With critter updates.


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