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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I have not fallen off the face of the earth....

I've just been incredibly busy. BUT - I'm back.

This is only going to be a super short post, but I plan to start updating on a regular basis again. My life has take several twists and turns over the past year and a bit. And it is a long winding road ahead, too.

I'll be sharing some pictures, once I get them all organized. Haven't been knitting or crocheting much; some baby gifts, a few episodes of "startitis", and a couple small things completed. Didn't take pics of all the baby gifts - some were repeats. That is, they are blankets made from various colours of Red Heart Baby Clouds, simple crochet stitch, some form of scallop like edging. I've taken pictures in the past and shared them of those type blankets, so I don't fret if I don't remember to take new pictures. My main concern is to wash, dry, and wrap the blankie before it gets fresh kitty or doggy fur on it after it is finished.

Anyway - I will be back; hopefully every few days if not sooner. Being summer, don't count on too many posts over weekend time frames, though. (unless it keeps raining like it has been lately... too wet to go anywhere!)


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