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Monday, March 02, 2009

I need to try to keep up more...

I know, I just don't post often enough here. Well, I need to work today. But I also have a bunch of pictures to share... But I need to resize them. I'm also in the process of saving all my pictures to disk. Just getting nervous about the possibility of losing them.

Besides, it's about time I freed up some computer space!!

I also want to get back into the retrospective of my blog posts - see how far I've come in the few years since I started it. Been thinking a lot about time - what with having that "milestone" type birthday. I figure, barring accidents, that I've got about 20 good years left in me. (My father died of cancer in his fifties, my mom hung on till into her 70's. Between the advances made since Dad died, not to mention, my general health and awareness of possible problems, etc., I still figure I've got a good 20 yrs - possibly more, but still...) So, I want to not waste any one of them. Which kind of frustrates me...

Some things are not so frustrating... Some things are great, even. Like, last time I posted here, I mentioned that my life will get interesting.... That is because the yarn store where I work is going "Worker's Co-Op". Which, in a nutshell, means the people who work there have been given an opportunity to buy the store... as a co-op, we all would own equal shares. Interesting, indeed!!

I really need to push, now, on finishing the baby items. The baby is due end of March - which means, really, anytime after the 15th. Factor in that it is a first baby, that it is quite large... well, I might not be an expert, but the words, "anytime now" are niggling at my brain...

After that, I really want to work on some stuff "just for me". Mind you, I need to get cracking on my second hosted KAL - I had hoped to start that before Christmas, but was having some creative issues on what to do with the start... I'm doing a square shawl based on the Bogart movie, "The Maltese Falcon". ( for updates - which I will do this week)

Ok, so - all I know about my work schedule at this moment, is that I work today. I also know I'll be working a few, if not most, Saturdays this month (teaching a sock class for a few weeks). Otherwise, I'll find out more once I get there today.

But I'm sure I'll be free a few days this week, and I'll try to get some pictures done, and updates...

One of the reasons, too, that I had trouble posting last month - it was the one year anniversary of Spud's passing, and I still totally miss that dog.... :(


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