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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What have I been up to?

Well, as I mentioned before disappearing - the yarn store where I worked changed ownership. The previous owner wanted to retire, and offered the business to the employees. We became a "worker co-op", which basically meant that we all bought an equal share in a co-op, then the co-op bought the store. Because we all had equal shares, we all had equal say in what when on. And, as members, we all worked at the store in some capacity.

For reasons that I won't go into here (long and boring), my life has taken a very different turn yet again, and I have now left the co-op, and am no longer a part owner or worker of a yarn store.

So, for now, I'm taking some time to sort out a few things, organize the house a little, maybe do a bit of cleaning (I am *DETERMINED* to get this place painted) and catch up on some knitting and blogging and such.

I'm having some difficulty dealing with something - I keep trying to write about it in various locations.... I'm not going to write about it here today, though (laundry day - my "favourite" day (note the dripping sarcasm). Among the things I've gotten into, though - I tried out Twitter. Can't seem to remember the user name I chose, and really, can't seem to get into it. Wish I could figure out how to delete myself from it, though - I keep getting emails from Twitter saying "so-and-so is now following you on Twitter" - and for the life of me, I can't understand why!!!! I mean, I haven't tweeted in forever!!! Oh, well....

I also pop into Ravelry. I will sometimes post there on a forum or two, but like my blog, I haven't updated in so long....

What I did get into, thanks to my son, is Facebook. I tend to treat that more in the Twitter style...I also play some of the "games" there. But, it is finally getting boring, so I'll likely spend less and less time on it.... Especially if I get back here to revive the blog. I think I like blogging better anyway....

Facebook did do one good thing, though - reconnected me with my favourite brother. It was great to see him again after about 15 years. :)

So - that's the update for today. Yesterday, I had a skim-read of my last few posts from last year - I mentioned the new dryer - well, let me tell you all - I absolutely LOVE my dryer. I read how I was concerned about the cool down cycle - well, this one works properly. The clothes come out warm. Not hot where you burn yourself on zippers and snaps, but warm enough for the kitties to curl up in....

And I totally love the furniture store where I bought it. I've now bought a fridge, a stove, and a dryer from them. Next on the list is a new bed. :) Hoping to time that with when I dismantle the current bed so I can paint the room ;)


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