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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

No pictures.

But I don't want to forget to keep posting here!!

I guess I could/should take some progress pictures of the two main projects I'm working on. The baby gifts for August. I have been ignoring the knit sweater, which needs seaming and button sewing, in favour of creating the crochet sweater. I keep thinking I'm getting closer to finishing, then remember I still need to make sleeves.... I have four or six rows to finish on the back, then the left front piece. Two sleeves, then the collar, button band, and seams.... Then, the matching blanket.

Working in fine yarn on small hook is nasty business... I can knit faster than I can crochet. Wish I hadn't picked this pattern :( But, the picture was cute, and I did feel like doing some crochet.

Next projects will be all knit. Or, maybe, I might crochet a blanket, but it will be on a larger hook, that is definite!!

I do have a knit lace project to work on - from the knitandknag blog. Well, the designer is Anna from knitandknag, but the pattern is a bought one. It is a shawl - but I misread the directions, and missed a repeat of a section of the pattern.... I am debating trying to rip back, or to just carry on and have a slightly smaller "scarf". Since I haven't even looked at it since realizing my mistake, I think the answer is clear - I need to rip back. Too bad; I completed one entire half (well, sort of) in one day - a very easy relaxing knit....

All my other projects qualify as UFO's; I haven't touched any of them in so long.... And then there are the ones that I have ready, but not started.... I've said it before, and I'll say it again- I really don't buy yarn just to "stash" it. I buy yarn for projects. I will buy sock yarn on a whim, since I can really use any sock pattern. But for any other project - I must have the pattern decided on so that I can buy the right amount of yarn. Yes, I do have some stash made up of leftover yarn; I do like to buy that extra ball or so of yarn "just in case". But even that "stash", can become granny square or other scrap type afghans.

I want to get some more socks knit up soon. I have some that I started, some that I dream of starting....

And I want to get some designs out of my head and down onto paper.

All while keeping up with a special project, and getting my house in order. I am determined not to just talk about it this time, but to actually make progress!!!!


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