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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

More pictures to share of crafts

I was on a felting kick for a while. It took me forever - make that *FOREVER* to appreciate "felting" as a craft. First of all, it is technically "fulling", not "felting", but since the popular term is felting and since the resulting fabric resembles felt (done properly, there should be no real stitch definition left) that is what I'll go with. Second of all, most of my life I had it drilled into me that hand knitted wool items should always be handwashed to PREVENT shrinking/felting. Third, it seemed like such an expense to buy extra wool and make an item larger, then purposely make it small - why not just make it the right size in the first place?Anyway - as is always the way for me - I came across a cat pattern for a tote bag that required felting.... Somehow, that did it... Well, that and seeing other patterns for interesting effects... So, by treating the "knitted felt" projects as a separate craft unto itself, I decided it wasn't such a terrible thing to do after all. I now have several knitted, felted, totes.... Still no intention to make slippers or any other wearables, since size is crucial to them, but not to tote bags :)
So - here are some pictures of a tote (though I have sewn on the handles, I seem to have not taken a picture of them sewn on) in before and after poses: (and the ever present kitty - Ashleigh magically appears whenever the camera comes out) I also took a picture with my teacup close by, for a size comparison. The yarn is Patons' SWS (Soy Wool Stripes) in Geranium (I think) colour:

Aand now for the after shot, with teacup, of course. :) (I know, it isn't a traditional type tea cup, but it is the cup that I use most often to drink my morning tea from)And yes, that is Mica, putting in her camera appearance. Though, I cropped more of her out...Mostly because I was focusing on the bag, so half of her wasn't even in the shot anyway.

Here's the blankie that matches the hat I posted about the other day:

This is the one that I knitted, then frogged, then knitted, then frogged... I thought it was going to be too small if I kept following the pattern - it was designed as a pram cover, I guess... small small small - but I wanted it to be more like a baby blanket, rather than just a coverlet. So, I had to make it bigger. Basket weave is not my favourite stitch to do over and over and over.... Don't mind it in small projects like socks, but for a whole blankie? Of course, this is what has been requested as a "possible" gift for another baby.... *sigh*....

So, that is what I have for you all today. I did take pictures of that ripple felted bag - but haven't downloaded them to the 'puter yet. Will do that soon... promise :)

Finger is better this morning, too - Last night I attacked it with a pin, then gave it a squeeze.... gunk came out and while it is still tender, at least bumping it into things doesn't bring tears to my eyes anymore!


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