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Friday, July 23, 2010

Rushing around again....

Haven't taken the progress pics of the projects, did take some pics of my flowers and tomato plants but haven't downloaded off the camera yet, have to do shopping, packing for weekend, major dishes, and have a bath today, not to mention the other chores before taking off for a weekend, and wanted to tell you about yesterday (which is why the major dishes)

Yesterday had DGD #2 (almost 10 yrs old) over for the day. We did some cooking together. I had hoped to do a bunch of stuff, and be able to freeze some stuff for later. Had several things planned, thinking that I'd rather have too much than not enough to keep busy with.... Well, the sugar cookie dough came out too soft to roll and cut. I've used the recipe before, so I don't know what went wrong, other than the excess humidity in the air (I *hate* rain). I have now stuck it into the freezer, and next time, I'll knead more flour into it and we can try again. We also made perogies. These are little dumpling type things, filled dough pockets, that are a Ukrainian dish. The filling we used (and is a fave around here) was potato and cheddar. I made one batch of dough in one bowl, and K made a second batch - hers turned out just as good as mine, even though she'd never made it, or anything like it, before. She took to the filling and folding, too... I sent two dozen home with her, and DH and I ate several for supper. Mmmm, MMmm, good!

I'd hoped to be able to also make a batch or two of pasta - having a helper for that is always great, since both kitties now like to eat it.... But, we were running out of time. So, we whipped up a pineapple cake instead. Sent half of that home with her, too...

So, it was not as productive a day as I'd hoped, but it was still a good bonding day with the grandkid. Which is important, too. And even though I did keep washing dishes between moments, there are still quite a few left (plus the supper dishes - wasn't doing them last night after spending all day in the kitchen!!)

Anyway - gots to go. If I have a few free moments later, I'll try to deal with pictures. If not, well, there is always next week :)


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