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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Too many temptations....

All sorts of new projects screaming at me to make them... BUT I must do the baby gift stuffs first. Or, I know what will happen... I'll get excited about the new stuff, and the baby gifts will become UFO's or put off till the last minute...

I haven't sewn any seams on the knitted sweater yet. But, I did do the shoulder seams, collar, and front button bands on the crochet one. Just need to do the sleeves. When I picked this pattern, the shells that bordered the sweater looked fine - but now that I'm making it, I'm getting scared it is going to turn out too "girly". I wanted to aim for stuff that could be for a boy or girl. Dang.

Oh, well - baby number one for this couple was a girl; maybe it will turn out all right....

I did a UFO, as well. Yesterday - spent like, maybe ten minutes or less, and sewed up a seam. A few years ago, I made a latch hook piece. It was a small square - 12 inches, I think. I decided to do it as a cushion. So, I made a crocheted square backing for it. Then, I sewed three sides. I also bought a cushion form. It never got finished, though, because the pieces ended up separated from each other. So - recently, I tripped over both the cushion and the form. I put both parts in easy reach. Didn't do anything else, but yesterday, I found myself needing to kill a few moments. Didn't feel like doing computer things, so I grabbed my darning needle, the cushion parts, and... Now I have a completed project :)

So. Short post - I need to take a picture of the new cushion ;) so I can share it. Also am supposed to be downloading a video I took of the doglet, to send to DH.

Will post some progress pictures tomorrow :)


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