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Thursday, August 19, 2010


Well, it was two weeks later than I wanted to be done; and turned out the baby was born on the third. So - it was two weeks late. Sort of - a lot of people save the baby gift giving until after the child is born anyway.
So - this is how they turned out:
The knitted sweater. It was a free pattern from the net.

The crochet sweater - the picture on the right hand side is closer to the true colour. I didn't find out the left picture wasn't great until this morning, and the gift is no longer here, so I can't retake. Anyway - this is the crocheted sweater, and the blanket to match:
These are also from a free web pattern - I think it was from Red Heart, or Coats and Clark, whatever.

So. I finished all the stuff by Tuesday night, and washed everything yesterday morning. Wrapped it up, and then went to run errands and deliver the gift. They were very very happy with them. As I said, the baby was born - a boy. And they didn't think the scalloped edge on the sweater was too "girly" - they like it all just fine.

Well, I guess this means, onward with the rest of the baby gifts. I have two more babies coming in January that I could/should make for. I was about to describe all the gifts, in fact, just typed it all out. But I better not - I'm not 100% sure that the moms do not read my blog. I doubt they do, but just in case....

I guess it wouldn't hurt, though, to say that the next batch of gifts will be knitted. No crochet for a bit. I do want to take a bit of time to work on a project or two for me. But I doubt that will happen. I'll probably start, or work on, a shawl or two for a couple days, but then I'll start getting nervous, and feel the need to get going on the other gifts.

In case anyone is wondering - I know I posted progress pics of the gifts I just finished - that is because the recipient is slightly distanced from me - one of DH's co-workers (actually ex-co-worker, now) and is highly unlikely to be interested in my blog, or even be aware of it. The two due in January know me better - they are both extended family. So, there is a greater chance that they have seen my email sig line, and may have been curious about my blog, or may become curious in the future. It will be no surprise that I will be making something, but the surprise will be in the finished item. So - everyone will have to wait until I finish.

I can talk about the progress - but I won't be able to share pictures.

Two more pics I can share - want to see Lady? :) And Delko? Ok - here are two recent pics of them :)


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