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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pain and pics

My hands are in extreme pain right now - allergic reaction (in fact, full body reaction. but doc said not to take painkiller, 'cause it might be making rash worse - when this all clears up, go back for testing)

BUT - I wanted to share some pictures... So, won't be a lot of typing, but I'll try to briefly explain it all. :)

Stash diving resulting in the finding of some yarn and a partly finished sweater. No pattern, no needles....Some interesting yarn, though:

Manmade fibres and machine washable - important factors for charity work.

So, I started with the half finished side piece, and the yarn from that, and cast on 36 stitches. I did a 4X4 rib. Knitted all the yarn from that one side. When I ran out, I checked the length by holding it against myself.... looked long enough. Then, I started on the back - when I made the second half as long as the first, I cast off (well, after checking the length again, of course)

In the bottom pictures, taken outside, the yarn looks more orangey than it really is. The inside shots are closer to the colour of the yarn.

I did find one thing interesting: Well, ok, two things. 1) It is a very nice soft yarn, that I want to use in an afghan (something crocheted, likely granny squares) and 2) it is very similar (in fact, I'll bet the exact same yarn) as some that was in my mother's stash that I inherited, that I used to make some socks from. I know this batch didn't come from Mom's stash, because all of Mom's stash that had UFO's in it, still had pattern and needle together, and Mom never used the long-tail cast on (confirmed this with my sister) and she never knotted her ends in a project. In some ways, it is too bad that this didn't come from Mom's stash, because I think that the cable-lace pattern used was gorgeous!!! Ok, I wouldn't have made a sweater in this colour, nor in this weight of yarn (worsted), but the pattern stitch is beautiful. So, that is why I kept one side of the sweater intact for now. Need to deconstruct it carefully and try to reverse engineer the pattern. :)

Ok, so - I really need to go - my hands are killing me....Nasty itchy blistery rash on both palms, and between the thumb and hand, and on several fingers. I won't go into too much detail on the legs, feet, arms, tummy, groin, chest....I can't see my back, but according to the allergy doc, it is there, too.... Only place it isn't (yet) is the neck and face. I think it is in my scalp, though.... head is itchy and if I scratch, it hurts....



  • At 9:19 a.m., Anonymous Anonymous said…

    What is it??? What are you allergic to?? Sounds serious.


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