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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Some pictures to share

Before and after painting the bedroom :)

Showing the old grey carpet, and parts of the underlay and wood sub-floor. Also, the wood trim.

The first one, on the left, shows closest to the wood flooring colour. The middle one shows the trim colour best.... :) And yes, the walls now have a slight pinkish tone to them :) Now the room matches the decor I have for it. This is the room that sort of decorated itself. Started out with some deep red blankets for the bed; got a deep red housecoat for Christmas soon after we moved here; pink slippers; covered a nightstand with a red and white checked table cloth; picked up some lamps from a yard sale, that had burgundy shades; realized that there was a theme happening; bought deep red/burgundy sheet sets for the bed....

I totally love my new bedroom :) Still need to buy a new bed (we are just using the mattress on the floor for now) and the fabric for the curtains. BUT - I have figured out a great new "dresser" for myself. See, the one I had (DH and I each had a dresser) I didn't really like. It was extremely long (longer than half way across that window wall.) So, once it was out of the room, there was no way it was going back in. Anyway - since it is just a bedroom, more functional than public... I am getting some plastic drawer sets - which just happen to be on sale this week at the store. I'm sure you've seen them - "organizer drawers" from [Rubbermaid]Editing here!! I don't know how other people get to do a "strike through" on their blogs - where you put a line through a mistake or a wrong word, whatever. Anyway, turns out, I was writing in the morning but when I bought the drawer units, they aren't made by Rubbermaid after all. They are from "gracious living".... (too bad they only come in white!)


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