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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

socks socks shawl dogs

Well, I needed to take a picture of the socks I'm working on - I needed a progress pic, and when I'm done, I'll need a pic of the pair. So, I have the progress pic:This is sock 1 just about half way down the gusset. I'm now finished the gusset on sock 2.

I'm also working on a pair of victorian lace socks, but didn't take that picture. I'm ready to knit the foot on them, too.

I did take a bit of a break, though - someone DH works with is currently in hospital undergoing some nasty cancer treatments. So, I suggested that I make a Prayer Shawl for her. Used a pattern from Lionbrand and some Homespun yarn, and I'll take a picture today. I love how it turned out...
A few years ago, I'm sure I posted a picture of a "not dog". Spud (RIP) had gone outside, and lay in the yard like the couch-potato she was, and got snowed on - I took a picture of the void in the white stuff where she'd been.

Well, the other morning, (about a week ago) there was a nice layer of frost on the ground. Delko went out, and lay in the yard....
Later in the week, it warmed up a lot, and we had a beautiful day on Thursday. Unfortunately, it rained all day Friday and Saturday, and snowed on Sunday. Yesterday and today the sun is shining, but apparently it is supposed to rain again for the rest of the week. Oh, well.... At least the puppies got to play on Thursday - here they are, waiting for Daddy to throw the ball.


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