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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Crafting update and some life bits

So. I got a net book for Christmas. I used it on our trip, so that I could access the 'net to keep in touch, and so that I could take along some patterns to work on projects.

I've also been using for the same basic purpose at home - I have my current WIP's (W orks I n P rogress) on it, and I sometimes check stuff on the 'net in between working on the WIP's.

I also used it recently to share some pictures of the trip with a friend when we met for lunch. Figured it would be easier to see than my camera.So, basically, the net book is my "travelling computer" now. Which meant, that I needed a nice way to carry it. Most laptop bags are big - too big really to be useful for a tiny net book. So, I made one.I didn't find (didn't even look, really) for a pattern, I just made one up as I went along. Kind of what I've always done with crochet - if I can't find a pattern, I just make my own. So, I did a long rectangle that was as wide as the net book, and long enough to wrap around it, using the Tunisian Crochet technique. It was my excuse to give my Denise Interchangeable Crochet hook set a work-out :) Then, I crocheted an edging of single crochet around the whole thing. I then crocheted a handle, by starting at the base, and slip stitching each row to attach to the sides. When it was long enough to wear not as a shoulder bag, but as a sling (not sure of the proper technical terms, but I carry my purse on my left shoulder, hanging down at my left side - shoulder bag. The new net book tote I will have the strap on my right shoulder, over my head, the bag hanging on my left side - like one would wear a sling to hold a broken arm)I then made a pocket on the front, by picking up stitches and sort of working back and forth to give the pocket dimension, then making some decreases, then a chain across the top and finished off by working the front of the pocket in the round, decreasing to a small "hole" in the middle. The pocket holds the power cord.Finally, I added a flap - I still need to find "the perfect" button to hold down the flap, but for now, gravity works. :)I've finished one pair of socks, and am working on another - glad I know how to read my knitting. The socks have a lace pattern, and I'm knitting them two at once on a circular needle (fortunately!). After the heel turn, the lace continues down the top of the foot - well, I managed to mess up a bit. Not quite sure how, since I was making notes on which row of the pattern I was working on the net book (I set up a text file for each project I've got going, and label it with the name of the pattern, so I can keep track). Anyway, a lot had to do with the four stitch repeat, but the sock top starting part way through the repeat. So, I managed to mess it up a bit. It won't be noticeable to the "naked eye" on the finished sock, and they aren't a gift or anything, so I didn't bother to rip. But, it has made it so that I might be on row 4 of the pattern, but doing row 6 directions.... If that makes sense... It is an 8 stitch full repeat, four stitches of purled lace, four stitches of a sort of mock cable type stitch pattern. So, the mock cable portion is right, the background lace is a little off...

I have been neglecting a baby outfit (fortunately, making it for the 1 year old size), and neglecting a celtic cape knitalong, but have been working on socks. I'm writing a pattern for a sock I'm designing. It is a fairly simple basic sock, really, but still... When it is done, I'll be offering it free. I need to rewrite a part of the directions so that they make sense, and maybe add a picture, then I just have to finish off the knitting. Won't be long :).

And, I'm also avoiding another knit along pair of socks - may just abondon that one all together. I thought the pattern grabbed me, but in some ways, it really hasn't excited me. And the next pattern choices for that particular group not only don't grab me, but repel me.... I'll give it another month, then maybe decide not to bother at all. It's a Ravelry group - a stash busting type. Since I have sock yarn to last me a very long time, I thought it might be a good thing. Not that I need any more sock patterns either, between the sock books I've bought, and the patterns I design myself, and the plain vanilla socks that I tend to work on for portable mindless knitting... Maybe I'll just go over and leave that group now....

I'm trying to discipline myself not to start another project until I get some of these others done or caught up. Otherwise, I'd be starting another sweater. Don't want to talk about how many half-done sweaters I have, stuck into boxes during a cleaning sweep of the living room. Which I guess is a segue... Bad habit, that - related to the short attention span thing. I mean, I try to keep down to just a few projects started at once, so that I can have the variety to keep me interested, plus the variety so that I don't get carpal tunnel, but when I need to speed tidy the room, I tend to box up or bag the projects, move them "temporarily", but while they are out of sight out of mind, I find new projects to do.... *sigh*.

I"m working on improving things, though. We've had an especially unpleasant cloudy winter/spring, but finally had a few days of sunshine. I've been hanging around outside - does nothing to improve the shape of the house - and going through a lot of boxes of stuff in the garage. Some of the stuff I've been trying to get to for years, other of it can be tossed. I've been making lots of progress getting rid of unwanted junk that I've been hanging on to for various reasons, including because I just never got around to sorting it proper before. Some of it was career oriented, but is now no longer useful due to changes and/or improvements over the years.

So, some went to recycling, some went to charity, and some just had to go in the garbage. Other stuff just got re-boxed for further sorting.

I've also got to spend some quality time with the doggies - and it is really showing with Lady's behaviour. :) She is turning into a really great dog!!


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