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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I'm still here

And healing nicely, thank you very much. Just don't seem to have the time to sit proper and update this blog, though. Do have some pics ready - I posted my sweater progress of just before my hand was broken. I *think* (and am too lazy to check right now, don't want to lose the momentum of typing) that I mentioned I tried to figure out a way to knit with the cast on. The first cast I got had rough spots, so when they took that one off to do follow-up X-rays, I asked if something could be done about that, since when I tried to pick up my knitting, I snagged badly... The first row I did took forever! Instead of knitting all the way across the front, back, front in about 10 to 15 minutes, it took me 15 minutes to get mostly across the first front!! Well, by the time I was ready (after a total of 7 weeks) to have the cast off for good (I went through a total of 4 casts) I had knit this much:Not bad, is it? Especially when you remember that I did do other things as well, like looking after the dogs, cooking, cleaning, hanging on the computer, reading books.... Remember, I said I was seaming as I went, and knitting all parts on a long circ. I didn't seam right up to the armhole, in case I needed the extra "room" while sewing in the sleeve.
I've now completed those components, and am working on the sleeves. Also knitting them both at the same time. No pics of that yet...

I am using Red Heart acrylic yarn for this project - something I still don't mind doing, especially when I couldn't locate a wool in the right colour and gauge of yarn to make this sweater. I really wasn't having any problems with it - despite becoming a bit of a yarn snob, and preferring to use a wool or wool blend whenever possible. I find it to be adequately soft and warm...

But, as a mental note to myself... if I'm going to use an acrylic yarn, I shouldn't use some leftover merino sock yarn as a stitch holder.... not nice to have something that soft and squooshy in such direct comparison to the acrylic... I decided that instead of casting off the stitches for the underarm, that I would put them on a holder, and graft them later, like I do for the sweaters in the round (aka Lopi sweaters) instead of sewing them up after. May not work so good, but what the heck - this is a sweater for me, and if it works a new technique for finishing :)

More on how I'm coping with the healing later ;) I promise.


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