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Sunday, June 19, 2011


You want to post stuff, but you know it will tick someone off...

I keep reading on the big knitting lists and groups about how someone just got their new knitting magazine, and how they don't like it... Well, I know, some have subscriptions, but if you don't like it, don't buy it. Cancel the sub., don't renew, whatever. But don't sit there and say "I don't know anyone who would wear that". Or, "they aren't writing the mag. the same way they used to".

Get real, people - everyone has different taste, not everyone has the magazine from issue #1, and the world is changing - why would a magazine continue to print the same old same old - you 'd then be bitching that the keep repeating themselves.... Oh, wait, that was what you said about the articles - you already know how to do those methods, why should you read about them again.... Like I said, not everyone has been reading from the dinosaur age.

The other thing that is a recurring topic and argument is taking knitting needles on planes... People, please, get a grip - pack your precious tools, and take a nice safe paperback book. Why keep bitching about getting your knitting taken away, maybe, or buying different needles than you are used to, just in case... If you don't' like to knit with plastic needles, why buy them just to knit on a plane??? You claim you want to enjoy your knitting.... I don't care if one person "got away" with taking their needles on the plane by "fooling" the security (do you really think they can't tell a pen or pencil from a pointy object?? Double pointed, even? ) . That amounts to smuggling the item on board, and could cause a lot more trouble for you than just having your tools confiscated... As for the thing that "you" are not a threat, you just want to knit, try to remember, a very large portion of crimes are crimes of opportunity... you might not plan anything, but what about the person in the next seat or across the aisle? What is to stop them from grabbing your needle or crochet hook away from you? These rules are in place for your own safety, people - don't make it harder on the security people who are only trying to do their job.

Ok.... I feel better now... I just needed to vent. I mean, really, I agree that each should have their own opinion, but to publicly dis a magazine and insult the people who do enjoy it... If I would have posted the first paragraph above to the email group, I'd have been put on moderation or kicked off the list... I know, because I've seen others get publicly wrist-slapped for going against the flow... fifty or sixty messages on how bad the magazine is getting are fine, but one or two say they like it, and those one or two get blasted publicly and privately....

I LIKE INTERWEAVE KNITS MAGAZINE AND KNITTER'S MAGAZINE. So there. If you don't, feel free to write on your own blog that you don't. That is what free speech is all about....


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