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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Picture laziness...

I keep forgetting to take a picture of what I'm knitting right now. It isn't what I *should* be knitting, but anyway...

I'm working on a sweater, from Patons website - Pure Cable Cardi I think is the title. Of course, the yarn isn't available, so I'm subbing. It is coming along nicely, especially as I've discovered my knitting skills have improved to the point that I can knit this (well, OK, simple) aran type sweater without looking at the pattern directions constantly. I can simply look at what I've knit so far, and know what comes next!!

Ok, I'm going to have to go back to the pattern when I get to the arm hole shaping, etc. But still...

Makes me happy :)

Another thing I'm doing... I don't know what exactly inspired me to do it, other than convenience and experimentation. It was a bit of a slow start - I cast on a total of four times, and ripped three (was that last bit obvious?). But, once I kept straight in my head what I was doing, I had cast on to one long circular the right front, back, and left front in order. I began knitting on all three pieces at the same time. Then, mostly because the tails were annoying me, and after I was sure I'd gotten it right finally ;) and because I was tired of chasing each piece around the circ cord, I started sewing up the seams. So, I knit four or six rows, then I seam a few. I do not sew all the way to the "top", but leave a space still between parts. You'll see when I remember to take the picture.

I usually try to work on it in the late afternoon, while doing my quality time outside with the puppies. They like to play catch/fetch with a ball, but they also like to "fight" over who brings it back. So, rather than standing there or sitting there waiting for them, I knit between tosses. Then, I try to spend some more time in the evenings knitting, too. Depending on what is on TV.

So, I'll try to take a picture during today's outdoor session. I keep hoping to get a shot of the dogs when they are doing something extra cute, but I know if I have a camera handy, they won't do it... It involves Delko "hogging" the ball, and Lady using her paw...


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