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Monday, January 09, 2012

3 project progress pics

Too bad the word for "3" doesn't start with a "P", or I'd have a great alliterative title :)

Anyway, here they are:

The new baby blanket - that I will write up a pattern for when it is done.

The yarn is a "print" yarn called Baby Combo, and it has blue, pink, and not visible in the pictures yellow, and white.

I'm also ready now to start clue two of the mystery socks.  I thought it was kind of cool how these turned out - I mean, in the first early pictures, there was a garter stitch triangle forming, that I thought would represent leaves...

Then, when I finished off the chart, and did the "set up rows" for the next section, the directions arranged the starting point at a different place, and when I looked -
There are really cute little leaves showing :)  With garter diamonds between.  I'm looking forward to seeing what the next clue brings - and it will need to be done in a week.  Hopefully, the crocheting goes quickly enough.

Because, I also want to get moving on these socks - a new design by me.  But with the theme of flora fauna - the colour, as I've said before, is rosewood, (flora) and I'm going to knit some butterfly theme and cat theme patterning into the leg (fauna).

So, that is where I'm up to now.  Today, I'm going to hit up the store for some shopping - the brand of margarine I use is being offered at a great price this week, and another store has a super special on a tool set, plus I guess I should get some more potatoes, since I'm low....Oh, and we discovered at an inconvenient time that I forgot to replace the spaghetti sauce in the cupboard.... One of the few things I still buy pre-made, since I haven't found a decent recipe we're happy with yet.  I do need to pay attention to brands, though - some I can eat, others I can't.  Anyway, I do like to keep a can or two in the cupboard, so that if I feel like making mock veal parmesan, or lasagne, or even just pasta and sauce (I don't make "spaghetti" as such, I tend to go for fatter cuts, more like linguine - and I do mean, "make")

See you tomorrow!!!


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